Friday, June 4, 2010

Disorderly Conduct

I'm gettin' all wild and outta control tomorrow!

The Divine Mr. M has brought my bail money
in his pocket
and I've been practicing my mug shot pose.

Why? you ask?

I'm gonna get

There will be much to see and buy!!!

I can't wait to go disturb the peace
and my bank account!!

I know that I won't be the only one there
'cuz several of my partners in crime will be in attendance as well!!

If you happen to be on the run from the fuzz
and you just happen to escape by Athens,
then stop in and say howdy.

We'll keep your alibi for you.

where did I put my recipe for baking metal files in cake?


  1. One of these days, I swear, I'm gonna get my ass to Texas and have myself a delightful time with all of you! I know my Mama would love for me to get to know her Texas roots. Have fun and enjoy one of those "ritas" for me!!

    Take care, Sue

  2. :) Have a great time!

  3. What a great post. See you soon.

  4. Oh, Have a Great Time & remember to show us everything you bought!!!!! Have fun & RUN OUTA MONEY :) it will be a good thing!!!! Blessings from SE Massachusetts!!!!

  5. Awe girl...
    I wish I was there with you...and Debbie...and Adrienne...
    (pout pout)
    Hey, if ya'll DO get in trouble, call me and I'll go pick ya'll up. okay?
    Have lots of fun and I miss you!

  6. Sounds super fun. Have a great time.

  7. I can't believe that I missed you. :(

    I'll be emailing you soon!


  8. Hi sweetie!
    thanks for dropping by the Yaya! Looks like you are having a great beginning of the summer...can't wait to see what you found on your junkin' adventures! xo...deb

  9. It was great to see you. Can you email me the name and model of your camera. I think I'm gonna get me one. Would you recommend it?

  10. Funny Post, I love it! It was great to see you and can't wait to see your photos, since I think you were the only one with a working camera!
    Take care,

  11. Cute Post!! Hope you found some wonderful junk. lol

  12. Well, I hope you had a GREAT time, and gots lots of beautiful treasures! Oh, and if you need someone to bail you out---let me know because my brother has his own bail bondsmen company (in Louisiana that is), but I am sure he has some connections here in Texas! LOL



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