Sunday, April 4, 2010

Round Top Ruckus

most of ya'll know that I spent last weekend in Warrenton
and Round Top
doing my fair share of junking and shopping
for some amazing antiques.

no one knew that I was there on an exposé.

I've heard all about what goes on behind the scenes
at Round Top and I was going to get to the bottom of it.

I started my undercover mission like any non-assuming shopper.
Cute clothes.....check.
 Fist full of money burnin' a hole in my pocket.....check.

I came across this woman first.

Oh.....she was wheelin' and dealin'
and she even tried to entice me with her candles and wine
but I didn't fall for it one bit.
I knew that I had to dig deeper.

I continued shopping and searching when I spotted these two...
Don't let the sweet faces and charming grins fool you.
These ladies in Bar W field are masters at their game.
There was a conspiracy brewing.....I just know it.
They tried to throw me off of their scent by
bringing over their helper.
I wasn't taking the bait.
These ladies tried so hard to get me to stay awhile and make me
forget all about my investigation but I was hot on the trail.

I made my way over by the Gin and
was immediately sidetracked by
this woman with hugs and salutations.

(I think she was tipped off by the Bar W ladies.)

I stopped and chatted but all the while I was taking notes
and gathering evidence.
I was getting all ready to blow this Round Top ruckus wide open.

I figured I must have been onto something
'cuz the muscle of the organization
came looking for me.
I was able to sweet talk my way out of that one
and continued my pursuits.
A hot tip
(and a cool beer)
led me to Zapp Hall
where I met some of the major players
in the dealings that go on in Warrenton and Round Top
like this woman.
She seemed nice enough but she wasn't given up any
insider information.

This one just looked shady....
I think she was stealing something.

After several hours of hunting for a great story,
the only that I did leave with were some great finds
for my home and some awesome time with some amazing friends.

(I'm still not letting these two off of the hook just yet....)

I have left the names of the above absent
to protect their innocence...RIGHT!!!!

See if you can list everyone pictured here.


This guy professed that he would give me the
whole scoop........
so I brought him home.
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