Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Bring You Glad Tidings.....

Do you know what this is???

I'll give you a hint....

Can you make out the writing??

It started with "Happy"

That's right folks!!!!
It's my birthday cake.

The Divine Mr. M decided to surprise me with this
little piece of confection heaven
with over thirty candles on it
when I came home from shopping with Misty.
ALL THIRTYSOMETHING CANDLES...burning a warm fire.
He lit them when I pulled into the driveway.

The only problem was that
I didn't recognize him...
or my son....
or my inlaws...
or my house...
or anything around me.
I barely knew my name.
Mr. M said I had this look on my face he'd never seen before.
He said I was like a zombie..lights on....nobody home.
Scared him to death.
I had a bad headache....and amnesia.
He drove me to the ER
like he was winning the grand prize for Nascar.

That's when I looked at him and told him to slow
the f*^&% down.
He said I looked normal again.
He began asking me questions.
I thought he was crazy and I wanted to go home
and drink the champagne I had just bought for my cranberry spritzer
for my birthday.

Didn't happen.

I was seen and diagnosed with a T.I.A.
Transient Ischemic Attack...
baby stroke in layman's terms.

I finally got to go home since I had to go to Houston
the next morning for a MRI of my leg and see my doctor.

When we got home....thirty something candles had melted completely
over the cake.
(More like shellac...)
The whole top of the cake was ROCK HARD!!!
Mr. M, being as divine as he is, scraped some from the sides
and plopped it on a plate for me for my birthday.
(We did chuckle at's can laugh too..)

 The next morning, after my MRI of my leg, I see my doctor..
who's totally wigged out.
She sends me down the hall to another doctor.
Who's even more wigged out.
He calls my first doctor.
They agree that I should IMMEDIATELY
be put in the hospital.

I have lots of poking and stabbing..
Took lots or tries to get an IV
and I'm DYING of pain all the while.
I finally get pain meds and I'm a happy camper..
except my head feels weird...really weird.

I have an MRI of the brain...
with sedation.
I can't stand  being in anything that small.
A big 'ol dose of Ativan
and I'm out like a Mike Tyson victim.
(They said they could hear me snoring from the MRI machine.)

When I awaken,
I'm back in my room and the neurologist sees me.
He tells me that I had
a TIA with
transient global amnesia.
I'm impressed.....
never heard THAT one before.

They think the lil' buddy in my leg
is possible from an auto immune disorder
that is causing vasculitis...
aka inflammation of the blood vessels.

They don't know what type of disorder that I have just yet
but they do know
that my tumor


Thank ya'll for all of your prayers and support.
You don't know how happy I am right now
(even though I have the "crazy head" and my leg hurts...)
I am crying as I type this but it's tears of joy.

I get to be on a blood thinner now
and continue the workup
but I asked to be release to see my youngest son for his birthday and they obliged.
I arrived home around 7 last nigh.
Mr. M drove home
(like he was qualifying for Nascar this time...)
and I got to give Daviss his birthday gift.

I'm still limping along and looking for a kewl cane.

I will post the winners this afternoon of the birthday giveaway.
( I sincerely apologize for not getting done yesterday)

I'm really tired and I'm gonna go take a nap
or The Divine Mr. M will kill me.

Thank all of ya'll soooo much!!!
My heart cannot tell you the joy and love that I have for
all of ya'll..
I have read your comments and encouragement over and over
(especially while I was in the hospital.)
You were always with me and in my thoughts.
My best friend even offered to bring his laptop
so that I could blog to you guys.
(He knows that's how much ya'll mean to me...)

I'm going to lay down now and have my cranberry spritzer

except this one is
with gingerale.

Eventually, I will finish my birthday.......
as soon as I feel better.

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