Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a Mad, Mad World

I'm running away.
Hopefully to  join the junking circus (if there is one.)
I write this completely exhausted and mentally drained.
I know that most people do not care to know about the goings on in my family,
but there HAS to be another woman in the world who has experienced my kinda day.
It started with this guy.....

Don't let the "awwwww he's sleeping" bit fool you.
Imagine that cute little piece of fur at thirty-seven pounds
and over three feet tall.
Imagine that big 'ol ball of cuteness getting stuck between his doghouse and the fence.
Just picture me running to his aid to help him.
That's when he pulled the old "Bait and Switch" routine.
As SOOOOON as I walked into his kennel,
he made a break for it!!
Running down the street at top speed like the village idiot!
I'm running right behind him with no shoes on and hair flying EVERYWHERE screaming at this dog like he was my child and could understand me.
(I guess that makes me the bigger village idiot.)
Twenty minutes later, I return home with said dog in tow.
By now, I'm a little peeved.
I call Mr. M.
Fight ensues over the phone.
Fast forward three hours later when my girls arrive.
The six year old had a molar pulled and a cap placed at the dentist office today.
She is crying.
I am freaking out.
 Not because of the six year sir.
I'm a trauma nurse...I got this in the bag!!!
I'm freaking out because my eight year-old is SCREAMMMIN BLOODY MURDER!!!
Like she was going to be executed.
Apparently, it was a high drama of a day for her.
Their mom drops them off and burns out.
I got a crazy dog, pissed off husband, and two crying kids.
All while helping my son do homework and get dinner on the table.
In the end, tears were wiped, homework was done, dinner was ready, and kisses were flowing.
This was definitely a pivotal moment in my madness.
Anyone else have these days?????

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