Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm about to lose mind that is.
I cannot figure out how to make my blog button.
I am turning to ya'll.
Is there anyone out there that can help me?
I'm about to go mad.
MAAAAAAD I tell you.
If you're out there and you can help me make my blog button,
there is a gift basket coming your way.
Honest to goodness.
Full of cute goodies.
I'm sooooooooooo serious.
I'm going to lay down and cry now.

Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere....

I'm trying to make my own blog button.
Which is not easy for someone who has very leeeeettle knowledge about HTML and all of that hoopla.
This is what I'm thinking of.
Do ya like it?
Do ya?
Do ya?
Do ya?
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