Monday, October 5, 2009

Cuz I've Got Friends in Junky Places

Here I am in Warrenton!!!
Bright eyed, bushy tailed, and cute as a button!
(Notice the curled hair, makeup, and fading tan lines )
I had my trusty cart with my  number 6 and my few essentials and I was ready to go!
The Divine Mr. M was just as thrilled
(he mighta been faking but he smiled the whole time!!!!)

We all know about the great junk that's at Warrenton and Round Top
but did you know about the even greater vendors?
Me neither!!!!
As excited as I was to go shopping
(I've already earned my black belt. Mr. M has just moved up to his yellow belt in shopping.)
I really wanted to meet all of the spectacular people
who pour their heart and soul
(as well as their junky goodness)
into this event.

Most vendors were kind and smiled,
but there were the rare exceptions.
You know...the folks that say "Hey!" instead of "hello"
and talk to you like you're family instead of a stranger.

This was the case with Mark and Jo Moss of Greenfish Antiques.
They had some awesome stuff and a cute dog to boot.
He wasn't for sale and Mr. M would have murdered me
if I brought home another dog.
I did purchase some vintage eyeglass lenses
that I am using for project (show ya that later..)

Meet E.
E is of "E and Company"
all the way from Dublin Texas.
E was in really good company with her husband and her mom.
Now, I don't know about you but my mama is seventy-nine years old
and I can tell you there is NOOOOO way she would have
sat with me in that Texas heat......none what so ever.
E sold me the most amazing sewing machine in all its rusty glory.
(P.S.....I LURVE rust!!!! It makes my heart melt.)
I regret that I didn't buy two instead of one...sigh.

I made my way to the side of the marketplace and met Donna.
Donna is the proprietor and genius behind
Reborn Rubbish.
Donna takes architectural salvage from New Orleans
and gives it new life.
She also carries clothing from Bayou Salvage clothing.
Sheer genius.
Donna said she's trying to let people know that
"you can help the environment. You don't have to wear hemp
 and not shave your armpits to do so."
Soooooo true.

I was saving the best for last when I got to Zapp Hall.
(notice the hair is no longer curled and the makeup is running..)
Here she is ya'll!!!
The infamous queen!!
Debbie of Talking Trash!!!
Her booth was to diiiiiiiiee for!!!
We immediately began hugging and talking like long lost friends.
She is such a hoot.

The Cat Daddy himself!!!
Enough said.....
(sorry for my falling tank strap...apparently I was quite the floosey.)

The next day I had to make my way back to a booth I had seen the previous morning.
This gem ..(and I'm talking DIAMOND topaz here)
belonged to Brian and Melony Russell
Once again I forgot pics...I was too busy wiping drool from my chin.
(Mr. M actually told me to close my mouth before flys got in.)
Brian was the greatest!
He answered all of my silly questions and was so kind.
His booth was my favorite. It just made me go gaga.

After walking for hours upon hours and suffering blistered feet,
(Notice the tan line is almost gone?  That's because I was BACON!)
I finally got to paaarrrtaaay!
Theresa Cano of Garden Antiques Vintage
hosted a blog party and it was fabulous!!
I got to meet so many of my bloggy friends and make new ones as well.

There was great food, great wine, and awesome conversation.

Pointing out where some more great junk could be found.

The wonderful Teresa of Attic Rat
was such a joy to talk to.

Leann Stephenson a.k.a. The Vintage Laundress.
The two of us just chatted away.

Lauri of the 2 Chippys.
I was so awed that she reads my blog.

As I was talking with the Divine Mr. M,
this very beautiful lady walked up to me and said,
"Excuse me? I know your face. Do you have a blog?"
For about 5.9 seconds I felt special.
Somebody recognized little ol me and my blog!!!
Meet Adrienne of The Flying Bee.

 I believe that we just might be junking sisters
separated at birth....even though I already have a twin.
She is the absolute sweetest and has the cutest blog.
Be sure to check her out!!!

The man of the hour was of course
Stan Williams of The Elegant Thrifter.
He was signing his new book The Find.
(Sorry for the bad pic.)

The junk at Warrenton was amazing but the friends that I made there was priceless!!!!!

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