Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Awesome Blog with an Awesome Giveaway!!

I recently entered a giveaway on a blog  that I saw on S.I.T.S.
If you've never been to this site, you should!
It's an amazing website to mingle and interact with other bloggers.

I came across Erins Awesome Blog.
Any blog that self proclaims itself as awesome haaaas to be
checked out.
Let me tell you, Erin did not disappoint.
At Alllllllll.

Her blog focuses on her daily life
but it also showcases her gorgeous photography
that she sells on her etsy shop and her website,

I had the pleasure of not only WINNING (yay!!!)
one her stunning works,
but I was also fortunate enough to interview this
wonderful woman.

1. Your work is very vivid and amazing.

 Where do you get your inspiration?

My inspiration is the beauty of life. I love using photography to

make a moment last a lifetime, a small splash become immortal or to
make an everyday sunset extraordinary. Using paints, pastels,
charcoals and other implements I reinterpret what I see around me
through the filter of my soul.

 2.When did you discover a love for photography?

I discovered photography by accident, I was actually taking
pictures of my paintings to use online. A friend of my fiance's sent
us an advanced camera body and I started using it to take pictures of
everything and found that I liked the art behind capturing pictures,
especially seascapes. Before I got that camera, I never bothered to
take pictures, they always came out blurry or not great. It was a
great creative discovery to find out how to use the camera and take
better pictures.


 3. Who is your greatest influence?

My greatest influence photographically are actually wedding

photographers. I don't want to be a wedding photographer, but I love
that they capture moments, scenes and joy in expression, people and
decorations. I read the blogs of Becker (http://beckersblog.com),
Jasmine Star (http://jasminestarblog.com) and Ashley Forrette
(http://blog.ashleyforrette.com/) at least once a week.
Outside of photography I am influenced by the loads of creative people
I meet through etsy and artistic venues like it.

 4.How would you describe your art?

I create art because of the sheer overwhelming joy that it brings.

My belief is that art is not only healthy but transformative for all
that are touched by it. I'd describe my artwork as passionate, joyous
and positive because it brings all of those things to my life.

 Now on to the fun questions....

5. Favorite day of the week ? Why?
I like Wednesday. It's the most fun to spell. My favorite date

is my wedding date 2/27/2010.

 6. What's your guilty pleasure?
A good bottle of wine and a bubble bath. Homemade ravioli. 600

thread count sheets and fuzzy LL Bean slippers.

7. Person you're dying to meet?
Tori Spelling. I just think she's adorable on her tv show with her

cute husband and kids.

 8. The one song you sing out loud every time you hear it?
The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson. It's a good song, even if it
was on a commercial.

Erin is soooo awesome (her blog says so)
that she is doing a GIVEAWAY
especially for Six in One Hand!!!!!!

One lucky winner will win a 6x9 print of her fabulous work
"Man in the Ground."

All you have to do is visit Erin's website or her etsy shop
and leave a comment letting me know which one you love.
The winner will be drawn on October 8th.
As always, if you blog about my lil giveaway
and Erin's awesome artwork,
you get an EXTRA comment!!!!

Whatcha waitin' for?
Go check Erin out.
You will be blown away..... I promise.

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