Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rock On

Yesterday was a day of great joy and much sadness for me.

Yesterday my oldest son, Alexander, graduated from high school.

I awoke that morning in tears.
This was the day that I had tried to dream about for eighteen years.

The day that my son was born,  the nurse placed him in my arms
and as I counted all of his fingers and toes, I tried to imagine our future.

You see, I was still in high school myself.
I was seventeen and very nervous.
There was no turning back now.
I tried with all of my might to imagine what type of man he would become
and if I could live up to being a good mother for him.

Over the years I've watched him grow
and become his own person.

As he sat amonst the seven hundred plus graduates in his class,
I sat and recalled his entire life.
His first word...."Dada."
His first steps...trying to take the curlers out of my hair when he was ll months old.
His first tooth....when he was six months old.
His first day of school....when he was four.
His first fight...age five...with a boy on his school bus.
His first little league game...when he was eight.
His first girlfriend...when he was fifteen.
Now, his first day setting out as a man.

It is so hard to believe that this is the same baby that I held in my arms.
The same little boy who could really cared less about baseball
and the same little boy who seemed all grown up.

Alex took the day in stride.
He was so calm and I was a nervous wreck.
The prinicipal asked the parents of the graduates to please stand for recognition.
Alex looked up at me in the stands and raised his arm
in the "rock on" hand gesture as he was all smiles.
I gave the "rock on" gesture back
then sat down and cried into my tissue
while Mr. M. hugged me.

As Alexander Vincent Price had his name called
and walked across the stage to receive his diploma,
he immediately gave the "rock on" gesture
to a screaming audience of approximately three thousand people
who loved it, with me being his biggest fan.

As he returned to his seat, Alex looked back into the audience to see if I was still there.

I hope that he knows that I will forever be right here watching and cheering
as he continues to make firsts in his life.
We've grown so much, him and I, and the bond that we have is immeasurable.

From the day he was born, I read Alex a book that said
"I'll love you forever."
"I'll like you for always."
"As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be."

Rock on Alex as you continue your journey through this life.
Always know that my baby you'll be.

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