Monday, December 21, 2009

The Stockings Were Hung....

On my bannister with great care...

I had wanted a specific garland to match the one
I had on my mantle.
I went back to Hob Lob....but no dice.
They were sold completely out.

I was bummed and kinda whined a bit.
Mr. M just sat on the couch and stared at me.
(That was probably a smart move on his part...saying anything at that point would have been suicide.)

So...when I was through with my temper tantrum
I decided to make do.
I had purchased some cheapo
plain green garland a while back
and decided to use it for my bannister.

But then...genius struck.
Okay, maybe idiot savant....

I decided that I wanted vintage baby shoes
to hang on my garland....
no go.
Couldn't find any white baby shoes anywhere.

Now, if I didn't WANT
white baby shoes...
they would be falling from the sky.

As luck would have it...
I wanted some and they were no where to be found.

So I decided to go with my next thought.
Baby booties.....
didn't happen.
Only blue ones....sigh.

On to plan "D"..
White baby socks.
They were gleaming white.
Blinding white.

Tea stain to the rescue.

It gave them a perfect aged look.
I hung them with some antiqued doll head clothespins.

But now my garland was lacking.
Those socks are small....
change that......
they are "smoooooll."

So I  happened to look over in my living room
and see some of my letters that I purchased
awhile back.
Some of the envelopes are very small and dainty
and are the perfect "yellow".

They worked!!!

I tucked them in with some postcards
that were written by a son to his mother
about his life away from home.

Now, I had a theme.
I always try to have a theme, you know.
(It's good for the soul..)

I would build my garland with
a mother's love.

I added small stuffed bears and toys.

I added some paper mache ornaments
that I painted and distressed.

I draped the garland and added
some tea stained muslin bows that I made.

I could just imagine a mother displaying her
children's socks and toys to remind her
of when her children were small at Christmas.

I tied in bits and pieces of strips of fabric
to give it a punch of contrast.

In the end...

What a happy accident
that Hob Lob was sold out
because I would have never
had to put my thinking cap on
and come up with such a cute garland.

Even Shuga thought it was special.
(She's been sleeping on the steps ever since I put it up.)

As we grow closer to the fastly approaching holiday,
please remember to take time to reflect
on the meaning of Christmas.

Remember to love your family, friends and your brother man
as it was love that gave us this day.

The love that not a mother, but a Father, gave
to us so many years ago
that is still
alive and well today.

Merry Christmas
Six in One Hand!!!!!!!

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