Thursday, April 22, 2010

Warrenton Scrapbook

Even though it's been a few weeks since Warrenton,
I thought that I would show y'all
my scrapbook of photos.

So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy!!!!

A really adorable vignette
from Anne with Fiona and Twig.
She is one of my junking sistas and dear friends.
Not to mention bloggy superstar in her own right.

Another cute vignette done by Anne
in Effie's booth.
These two ladies are such a force!
Effie supplied the goods and Anne made it pretty.
The end result was stunning.

My own fairy blog parents...
I am so privileged to call these two people
my friends.
Somehow I lost the pics from their booth and I'm just sick over it.
I did buy something really cute from them that I'm just gonna have to show y'all later.

This fabulous set belongs
to none other than

If you have never seen her work
then you are missing out!!!
Here's just a small sampling
of her amazing antiques.

Didn't I tell ya?

These next pics are from my favorite vendor of all time.
Brian and Meloney Russell of

I have to go and see this creative couple
whenever they are remotely close to my location.
When I say remote...I mean anything less than eight hours.

Only these two could make a chicken coop look so good.

So good, in fact, that I bought one and brought it home.
I haven't figured out where it's gonna go yet..

I wanted this set of lockers soooooooo bad.
Mr. M told me it was not only out of my budget,
but he wasn't dragging that all the way back home.


This chair made my heart melt.
I was reminded, once again, that it was out of my budget
that I have small children.


Meloney has the most ingenious uses for ordinary items.
This is the only woman I know who can make
old paint brushes look amazing as Christmas ornaments
and makes newspaper into the most beautiful package.

The display of old books had me drooling.
It was embarrassing.
Even The Divine Mr. M dabbed the corner of my mouth for me...honest to goodness.

Brian and Meloney's play with textures and color
is beyond measure.
I just fell in love with these old rolls of string.
My great-aunt used to have several of these.
I remember playing with them as a child.

Now onto some Warrenton randomness...

I just loved this Volkswagen.

These flower frogs just dazzled in the sunlight.

I really wanted this lock but the vendor wanted waaaaay too much for it.
The odd thing is, I looked at this exact same lock from this exact
same vendor last fall.
He actually went UP on his price.
He said it was because he spent a long time adding it to his collection.
I just wondered why he was even trying to sell it.

What trip would be complete without a Jethro sandwich?

I hope y'all enjoyed my pics of Warrenton
'cuz I have a few more to show y'all later.

I'm off tomorrow to do
Relay for Life.
I will be my team's survivor.
I encourage you to donate and give to the
American Cancer Society
as this is such a great organization and almost every single person
has been affected by cancer in some way.

Getting My Nesting On

Spring is in the air
and everyone knows what that means.
It's time for me to get to work.
I get spring fever really bad.

I thoroughly enjoy the rituals
of spring cleaning
and making the house come to life.

This year is a little different for me
because Mr. M and I purchased
a 1951 farmhouse and we
are in the process of renovating.

I've waited all winter to paint
and peel ugly wallpaper
and paint
and sew pillows
and paint
and hang new curtains...
did I mention paint?
(Let's just say there's a certain red in my bedroom that is giving me angst.)

I also have the need to purchase
some new furniture.
As newlyweds, Mr. M and I have
tried to meld our furniture together.
Some of it has worked and some of it...
well, let's just say....not so much.

(I'm not trying to say names but Mr. Couch and Mr. know...)

I've been looking at some barstools
and a small table to make a sitting area
and I stumbled upon this store.
All I can say is WOW!!!!!

This place has EVERYTHING you could ever imagine.
I'm not kidding.
I got so sidetracked by looking at everything else they had
that I still haven't decided on which barstools I want.

(I have a few dozen in mind...A girl has the right to change her mind.)

C'est la vie!!!!

I'm also hosting a few giveaways over the next two weeks.
There is just something about spring that I love
and want to share with everybody.

If anyone else is suffering from
nesting syndrome and spring fever like me,
then I hope you find a cure
or at least the right shade of paint.
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