Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Get By With aLittle Help from my Friends..

See this gorgeous lady?

(hint: she's the one in the hat)
That's Anne of Fiona and Twig.
I had the most awesome pleasure of chatting with her on the phone.
Okay...we were really like two teenagers talking a mile a minute
only to be interrupted when she  accidentally disconnected me or I accidentally disconnected her.
(not on purpose, though....)

I already have Adrienne who is my junking twin
and now I have a triplet!!!!!
Anne and I have so many identical loves
and ambitions and dreams,
it's scarrrrrrrrry.

Anne is an awesome soul
and has an amazing spirit.
We probably could have talked for hours
but life happens and we had to get back to the real world.
(not before planning a junking escapade )

Anne is just an example of the many superb peeps
that I have come to know and love
through my blog.

Ya'll are an amazing and super talented force and I am
humbled just to be in your presence.

Go by Anne's blog and check her out!!!!
If you're in Kerrville, she has a shop too!

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