Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lil 'Ol Blue Haired Lady

Since my 3_th birthday is fast approaching
(and I mean fassst...)
I thought that I would treat myself to a new me
with another new 'do.

I'm starting to feel like a lil 'ol lady with my cane and all.
The Divine Mr. M told me
that we HAAAAAD
to "pimp out my cane"
because I looked like a grandma
using my mama's
"backup" cane.
(That's what she calls it...I just work here.)

So I thought I'd add blue hair to match.
Do not adjust your hair is blue...
electric blue highlights that is.
I'm not THAAAAT old yet.

I thought I'd "hawk" it on top for fun.
(By the teenage son and neices thought my hair was cool.)
(Don't let them know I told you...they'd probably die...right there on the spot.)

Whatcha think for a lil 'ol blue haired lady?
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