Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help for Hire

Hello everyone in blogland!!!!!

See my sign?
The red one with the big white letters?
That's the one.

It's for me.
I know that I was bummed out about my job
but I thought about the positive.
I'm available for hire.
No....not as a nurse
but as an apprentice.
Slave labor....
okay,maybe not slaaaavvvee labor
but free assistance.

My number one goal is to
be a vendor at Warrenton in the fall.
I've got the stuff and the vision.
What I don't have is the experience.

So, since I'm a lady of leisure
that doesn't have to worry about vacation time
or sick days....
I thought that I could come and help
whoever would love to have some assistance
and see how things are behind the scenes.

I have my own camper and all of my amenities.
I can help with setting up, selling, and just my
general good company are available at your
beck and call.

If anyone would like an assistant
or "fetcher" or prn sales girl...
I'm your woman!!!!

Besides, who can resist a face like this??

(Don't answer that...)
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