Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Hip to be Square

Today I buried an old friend.
A friend that has endured sunny days and rough storms.
It was with great sadness that I had to say goodbye....
to my old wreath.

She was a faithful wreath form..
sitting all alone on the clearance aisle at Michael's
I brought her home and made her mind.
She was hardworking and never complained.
She endured whatever came with grace
and then one day....

She started to fall apart.
I don't know why.
Perhaps it was the stress from the demands of her job...
greeting people and standing at the entrance of my humble abode.
Maybe she was just starting to feel her age
as her joints and limbs started to give way.
Mr. M laughed at her...and at me
as I bandaged her up on many occasions.
Alas, the day came when she could no longer be repaired
and I was forced to say "adieu."

I decided to pay homage to my dear wreath form
and create another sqaure in her memory.
I used natural vine garland,
vine wrapped wire,
dowel rods,
and thin green floral wire.
I shoved my dowel rods into the garland and secured them
with the vine wire so it could all blend.
I don't advise cutting your garland until you tie in the dowel rods
or you might come up short.
This is a close up of the back of the wreathform that I made.
It's not very pretty but it won't be seen anyway.

Once I had my form made, I started adding the boxwood
from the first wreath by tying it on with the thin
floral wire.
I preferred the single  wire stems as I didn't feel like cutting wire every few feet.
In little over an hour, I had a new square wreath
for my door.
As you can see I wanted a very full wreath
so I just kept going around the form with my boxwood
until I had a thickness that I was happy with.
The lushness of the wreath against my horse bit
wreath hanger that I purchased from Margo
is simply stunning on my door.

I hope that my old friend can rest in peace now
as I have a great love in my heart for all things
square because of her.
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