Wednesday, December 9, 2009

White Wednesday

I thought that I would take a moment
to participate in White Wednesday and show ya'll
my vintage nightgowns that I have displayed
for Christmas.
They make me wonder who wore them?
Did they belong to a mother and daughter
who waited anxiously for Christmas morning
and opened presents together?

I added my vintage clock collection
to this vignette.
Hey, look!!!
I have a white clock too....
This justs gets better and better.

I figured that while I was posting pictures up,
I might as well show ya'll the whole
setup of my living room for christmas.
The mantle is my favorite with my off white candles
(they only look yellow because they were all turned on.)
The garland has tallow berries and pinecones
that is set to a backdrop of my tarnished silver.

That I also added to my Christmas tree.

I hope ya'll like it.....

My favorite word.
Without it, life is simply too hard.

Thank You.......

I know that I haven't been able to
personally write everyone
who has written me in these past few weeks
to say thank you.

As much as I would like to take the time to do so,
I just simply am restricted to time and physical restraints right now.


I thought that I would take this time
to tell all of my friends out there
in bloggy land
"Thank You."
Thank you for lifting me up when
I was down
and holding me when I could no longer stand.
I appreciate every last one of you
from the bottom of my heart.

Your inspiring words and phone calls
have really made all of the difference in the world
for me during this rough time.

I especially appreciate all of you ladies, and Dave,
who were more than willing
to throw down for me
when I was faced with
ignorance and stupidity
when I was insulted and mocked.

Your phone calls and kind voices
have meant so much to me.
When you're far away from family
and most of your friends
it's good to hear
a funny joke
or talk about junk...
it really does mend a heart
and ease the pain.

I am so grateful
to every last person
who presented me and my situation before The Lord
in prayer.
I know that we all have our own trials
and that you took the time to talk to Him about me
is more than I could ever ask for.

So many of you are still lifting me up in prayer
and holding my branch for me.

Mindy, thank you for putting up the smoke signal
for me a stylish cane...not too many people
could recognize and appreciate hobbling in style!!!

Robelyn, thank you for pulling off your earrings
and risking five to ten years in a cell with my sister.
That is not an easy task...let me tell you.
I pulled a seventeen year stent with her.......

Debbie and Debra, thank you for all of your prayers
and encouragement.
Debbie, thanks for being my mentor and FBM.
Your friendship is simply priceless to me.

Adrienne and Anne, My junkin twins....err....triplets now huh?
Ya'll are some of the best junking buddies a girl could have.
Thank ya'll for calling and checking on me and making
me laugh.
Thanks for sharing ya'lls junky really helps.

To my two Theresa's who write and support me....thank you!!!
Quixotic.....girl...what can I say???
You are DEFINITELY 'hood...luv ya!!

If I didn't mention your's not because you are forgotten.
I simply don't have enough time and space on paper
but know that my heart is ever open.

I will be taking a medical leave at work
as I am too debilitated to continue nursing at this time.
I hope to be back in the swing of things soon.

You never know when I might show up for some
awesome junk
with my camera
(and mason jar)
in hand.


Don't forget about my birthday giveaway!!!!
There's still time.

The Six Sisters
are still planning an AWESOME day for you guys.
I've got my sensible shoes
(never thought THAT would me some heels)
and my cane and
I'm going to wave it in the air
like I just don't care!!!
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