Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have a Heart

There is definitely some bloggy love
being spread around this Valentine holiday.
Patina Soul not only has a drool worthy blog,
she is having a novocaine numbing giveaway!!!
Feel free to stop on by and check her out!!!

Forever Cottage is hosting this fabulous giveaway!!!!
With winter bearing down on most of us here in the country,
Jill is getting ready for spring.
Stop by and check out her fabulous offerings!!!

is having the most gorgeous giveaway!!!

She has a cornucopia of vintage goodies.
This basket is only a small sampling of the vintage goodness
that is waiting for some lucky winner!!!
(I really hope it's meeeeee!)

Speaking of love, there has been so much outpouring
of love and encouragement for me these past few days.
It really has lifted my spirits and cheered my soul.

If you've ever thought that leaving a comment didn't really matter that much...
think again.

I spend eighty percent of my day all alone with just me and Shuga.
Reading your comments have really helped me through what
could have been a terrible time but ya'll are the sweetest ever.
I've picked myself up and dusted myself off.
(I also polished off half of a bottle of Grey Goose with orange juice..but that's another story.)

To show my love to all of my bloggy friends and cohorts,
I'm going to give away a set of these...

A set of my custom made hearts just for one of you lucky folks.
Just leave me a comment.....that's it...that's all.
I'll draw on Valentine's Day for the winner
so you have until 11:59 on February 13th.

The winner can email me with
their color choice and option of finishes for their hearts
because everyone's heart is different, right?

I know that my heart is so much better after hearing from friends like ya'll.

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