Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This wednesday is a major milestone for me.

I turn one!!!!

Okay, I haven't lost my mind and have resorted back to childhood
(although that doesn't sound like a bad idea really..)

Wednesday will mark my first birthday
Six in One Hand!!!

You can continue to clap and scream....
I'll wait........

Exhausted yet?

I am so grateful to all of ya'll out there in blogland.
This past year has taken me on the most amazing journey.
I have met some of the most awesome people
and have forged some wonderful friendships.

I have been places and seen sights
(not to mention spent some major cash...and checks...and credit.)

Through all of my ups and downs...ya'll have been there.

New job....check.
Brand new husband and four kids....check.


I'm doing a giveaway!!!!
I'll tell ya all about it tomorrow.

I'm pulling out all the stops on this puppy!!!!

I can't wait to share the love that ya'll have given me!!!!

See ya tomorrow!!!

Now, where did Shuga put my birthday cake?
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