Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where Does the Time Go???

I have NOOOO idea.

Actually, that's not true.....

I've been ill.
Very ill.
Hospital ill.

Before you freak out.......

I had a really bad lung infection.
It sucked.

Apparently, my computer hasn't been immune either.
She got sick too...
It sucked BIG TIME.

Then there's this cutie...

That's my girl Taylor up to bat.
 She decided to play softball so I've been at every game cheering her on.
Do you see her number??
Do ya?

She CHOSE that number all by herself.

That's right.
That's the number SIX she's rocking!!!

Her little sister is in on the act too...

That's my youngest Tori as their bat girl.
She's still rocking her number zero from basketball season.
It's now her signature number.

I now have this handsome fella....
That's not Louis Armstrong...
That's my youngest son Daviss blowing away on the trumpet.
He's doing an amazing job!
You should hear his
"Mary Had a Little Lamb."

Once the dust settled,  I realized that I've left you guys behind.

I'm sooooo sorry.
Can you ever forgive me?
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