Wednesday, December 2, 2009

White Wednesday

This is my first participation in a White Wednesday
and I thought I would show ya'll
something near and dear to my heart.
I made this bird nest and eggs
for the Twelve Days of Christmas
I was asked to be the sixth day.
(What else would I be....being Six in One Hand...and all)

I think that the eggs are sooo precious
and sparkly.

I will be giving this little creation away
on December 6th.
(that's my day....)
So stop by, say hi, and leave some bloggy love
for a chance to win.
Take a tour and visit the other days as well.
There is some mind blowing talent there.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!

Let's Set the Record Straight...

I want to start off by saying
"Thank You"
to everyone who offered me get well soon sentiments.
I had a really bad day with my leg yesterday and was bed ridden.

In my absence,
my sister decided to hijack my blog and tell about our giveaway.
So yessssss
The Six Sisters

Everything my sister told ya'll is true
with a few exceptions.

#1. I did not eat soap!!!!
(I preferred paste as a child...thank you much.)

#2. I didn't not almost burn down the whole house!!!!!!
(just the kitchen....I didn't know toast could catch on fire.)

with that little order of business out of the way,
I wanted to show ya'll a couple of things that I got
at Winnie and Talula's.

Do you see this awesome wreath that I made?
That's not what I bought.
See the red thingy holding on the door?
That's what I bought from Margo.
It's divine with it's red chippy paint and metal goodness.

I bought this lovely, rusty lady
as I was walking out the door and she whispered ever so softly,
It was love at first sight.
I snatched her up and threw her in the Divine Mr. M's arms.
I added another architectural piece I had and now she is the base
for an awesome cloche filled with candles and snow.
(more on that later this week.)

It has been brought to my attention that several of my junking buddies
and even fam
are having some AWESOME giveaways.

The other junking triplet
is giving a $25 giftcard to Anthropologie!!!
How kewl is that??
I might actually have to put on some real clothes and go shopping
with that little number!

And new to the giveaway clan is
I can't even begin to
tell you all of the supah dupah
Christmas goodies he is giving away
(That's the best goody of all!)

Please stop by and spread some Christmas cheer to these
awesome junkers.
Don't forget to welcome Troy to the giveaway fold. on to the not-so-happy part.

I'm going back to Houston tomorrow
for more tests on my leg.
I will be gone most of the day
but I will update you as soon as I get back...
and the narcotics wear off.

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