Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Better to Give....

This is my great aunt Ruth.
She is an amazing woman.
At 86 years old, she still lives alone and cares for herself.
She is the most hardcore, honest, fiesty and sincere woman
I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

When I talked to my aunt the other day she was down in the dumps.
My aunt has been ill for several years now
and I think it's starting to wear her down.

So I decided to make her something to cheer her up.

I started with this.....

This was a shadowbox frame that I had.
It was brand new and sitting around.
I decided that plain brown was NOT my aunt's style.

So, I added paint...

Heirloom white to be exact.
Two coats for great coverage.

I took out the glass and glued some gorgeous scrapbook paper to the back.
I then added a cross that I painted to coordinate with the look. pizazz.

I decided to hand paint something inspirational
as my aunt is a great woman of faith.
Still....not feeling it.

That's what it needed!

I sanded the edges and the words.
I then used my favorite distressing ink to give
a burnished look.

My aunt loved it!
She placed it on her nightstand by her bed.
I hope it will continue to give her inspiration
as she has given me.
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