Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

As my party plans are becoming finalized,
I've decided to turn my attention to more decorating for Halloween.
Tabatha, my beautiful hutch that I rescued,
asked if she could come to the party too.
I told her of course but that she would need to have a costume.
Tabatha immediately informed me that she wanted to
attend the party as a Witch's Cupboard.

I started her transformation with many items
that I found around the house.

I decked Tabatha in the finest Witchery I could
including a cast iron cauldron.
No witch in her right mind would be caught without one.

She needed several necessary ingredients for spell casting
such as decomposing mushrooms
picked from my enchanted backyard.

Several poisoned fruits
that were neatly canned for the giving.

Poisoned apples are a staple in witch's pantry.
(My seven year old thought these were the coolest)

Bones and skulls for grinding.

Bottles of poisons and elixirs
(including Patron..witch's need to relax too.)

I added architectural elements as well
since Tabatha and I both love architectural finds.
A glass jar holds the doorknobs
to the closets of little children.....spooky.

A witch gotta have friends too...
like this lil fella.

A cute little crow to keep a witch company
and announce visitors.

( He gets on her nerves though.All he ever says is "Nevermore")

Tabatha thinks she needs some security
to protect all of her witchy goodies
so she hired this big guy to stand guard.

Tabatha's all ready for her Halloween debut.
I love the eerie look she has now and she is more
thrilled with her new do.

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