Monday, August 24, 2009

Tag...I'm IT!!!!!!!!!

You can not believe how CRAZY happy I am to be tagged by my friend , Happy Nester.
I am soooo doing the spastic dance right now!!!!!!
I'm supposed to tell you ten things about myself  and then tag ten more bloggers in return.
Here goes.....I'm so excited I'm about to pee!!!!!! 
 (little spastic arm jerking and squealing)
#1. Vintage, Vintage, Vintage. If it's old and chippy, I LURVE IT!!!! Especially if it's white or aqua.
#2. Aprons...especially vintage aprons. I have been wearing an apron since I was a child. I feel naked in the kitchen without it.
#3. A good cup of tea. There is nothing better. I love Starbucks like the next gal, but for me tea is so soothing (especially with a little milk.)
#4.  I looooong for my own hideaway.
I have this picture on my inspiration wall. Mr. M is currently on the hunt for one as we speak. 
It will be filled with lots of #1 and #3 for sure.
#5. I was a beauty queen (like I really WON).
I know...I know.
#6. My favorite shoe is a good high heel.
There is nothing more comfortable in this world to me.
Came in really hand for #5.
#7. I'm a classical pianist.
I started playing when I was seven.
I think it helped me get #5.
#8. There's TWO of me!!!
I'm the oldest of the set by six minutes.
My sis is also amazing.
I'm trying to convince her to get her own blog too.
#9. I have tattoos....lots of them.
Not to the extent of this pic but enough.
#10. I love ALL things french.
My grandmother was from Provence.
I love it so much  I married a frenchman.
Without further adieu, here are my ten friends that I am tagging.
You're It!!!!!
  Check out these FABU ladies and see what they have to share!!!!!

Once Again....

It's the first day of school.
The first day of school has always signified change for me.
An opportunity to learn and grow with new teachers and classmates.
Today dawns a new era for me.
My oldest son is a senior in high school.
This will be the year of prom and senior trips, photos, class rings, and graduation.
This is the year my son makes the transition from boy to man and will be on his own in a year.
My youngest son , who is autistic, started junior high.
This is the first year of different teachers and lockers and pep rallies and football games.
This is the first year where I can no longer keep him under my wing at all times.
This is the year my son will learn to adjust in the world without his mother by his side.
My oldest daughter started the third grade.
She's learning cliques and girly talk and fashion is now important.
Soon there will be boys and high heels....I see it coming.
My youngest daughter starts the first grade this year.
This is the first year of true academic learning beyond the joy of kindergarten.
Today is such an eventful day, even if my children never notice it.
Today is the first day that my house has been completely quiet.
Today is the first day that I can enjoy a cup of tea all alone.
Today is the first day that I can have some peace and get to work on those projects I have waiting.
Whoo Hoo!!!!!
Let's get this party started!!!!
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