Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Big 'Ol Dose of Vitamin D

Sorry I haven't been blogging this last week.
My vitamin D is low and that means I am too....
What da...?

My tumor consumes vitamin D like a kid at a candy store...
not in a good way.
When my level gets really...and I mean reeeeeeaaaaallly low,
I get really weak and my leg hurts like a muther trucker....
I've been on high doses of Vitamin D for three months now and I did really good!
So good, that my doc thought I could come off of it......NOT!

Two weeks without vitamin D and I'm
dragging my leg around like driftwood.
I called my doc and she started asking me questions...
Are you weak?

Does your leg hurt?
I wouldn't be calling if it didn't.

Are you sick?
A little diarrhea...thought it was Mr. M's chicken salad.

Are you seeing or hearing things that you know shouldn't be there?

Apparently very low Vitamin D can cause
depression and even schizophrenia....
go figure.

So, back on the pill I go...vitamin D that is.

I will be out and about this weekend.

My oldest son Alex is graduating from high school.
There will be lots of tears and sniffling.
(Maybe it's the Vitamin D or me just being a mama.)

When I come back I have another giveaway for ya'll!!!!
This one's gonna be goooooood!!!!

P.S. In my absence,
The Divine Mr. M
celebrated his 30th birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Punkin!!!!

Now that I'm back in commission, I have a few
of projects to share with ya'll
as Mr. M and I
start to renovate our farm house.

Madness will ensue.....
Pretties will come forth.....

I guess I had better drink plenty of milk
for the months ahead.

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