Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a Mad, Mad World

I'm running away.
Hopefully to  join the junking circus (if there is one.)
I write this completely exhausted and mentally drained.
I know that most people do not care to know about the goings on in my family,
but there HAS to be another woman in the world who has experienced my kinda day.
It started with this guy.....

Don't let the "awwwww he's sleeping" bit fool you.
Imagine that cute little piece of fur at thirty-seven pounds
and over three feet tall.
Imagine that big 'ol ball of cuteness getting stuck between his doghouse and the fence.
Just picture me running to his aid to help him.
That's when he pulled the old "Bait and Switch" routine.
As SOOOOON as I walked into his kennel,
he made a break for it!!
Running down the street at top speed like the village idiot!
I'm running right behind him with no shoes on and hair flying EVERYWHERE screaming at this dog like he was my child and could understand me.
(I guess that makes me the bigger village idiot.)
Twenty minutes later, I return home with said dog in tow.
By now, I'm a little peeved.
I call Mr. M.
Fight ensues over the phone.
Fast forward three hours later when my girls arrive.
The six year old had a molar pulled and a cap placed at the dentist office today.
She is crying.
I am freaking out.
 Not because of the six year sir.
I'm a trauma nurse...I got this in the bag!!!
I'm freaking out because my eight year-old is SCREAMMMIN BLOODY MURDER!!!
Like she was going to be executed.
Apparently, it was a high drama of a day for her.
Their mom drops them off and burns out.
I got a crazy dog, pissed off husband, and two crying kids.
All while helping my son do homework and get dinner on the table.
In the end, tears were wiped, homework was done, dinner was ready, and kisses were flowing.
This was definitely a pivotal moment in my madness.
Anyone else have these days?????

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Window with a view


This weekend was a junk lovers dream!!
I hit junk pay dirt........
Did you hear me??
Paayyyyyyyy duuuuuurt!!!!
Mr. M and I were child free (WOOOOOO HOOOO)!!
We went curbside cruising and to a flea market close by and scored big time!!!
More of those little projects later.
I went to visit my parents in my hometown and saw my great grandmother's house that is marked for demolition.
The house suffered tremendous damage after Hurricane Ike and couldn't be salvaged.
I asked my parents if I could have somethings from the house before it was destroyed.
They looked at my like I was crazy.
There's no furniture or any personal belongings in the house.
My great grandmother passed away when I was eleven.
I asked for the doorknobs and the french door that led to the kitchen.
My parents were like, "If you're willing to go in there and get it, you can have it."
So off I went.
Mr. M was not amused.
There was mold everywhere people...I've probably developed a case of black lung as I type.
The roof was pretty much gone and the floors were rotting through.
The doorknobs were rusted but came without a fight.
(I think they were glad to be rescued.)
The french door was won single handed by Mr. M who bravely fought off a whole nest of wasps!!
(I love that man!!)
As I was walking out, there was a window pane that used to be in the kitchen just sitting on the floor, so I brought it home.

Here it is.
It had a small family of spiders living on it and enough dirt and grime to make ANYONE shudder.
I didn't care.
I spent a many day looking out that window when I was young and I loved that window.
So I cleaned her up and evicted the spiders....I'm sorry but sometimes bad things happen to good spiders.
And here she is...

I decided to add a vinyl wall word quote that I had purchased from Hob Lob many moons ago.
I thought that the quote was perfect for this occasion.

She is now hanging on the wall and will soon be accompanied by some other window frames that
will showcase some family photos.

I still have a view from this window... to all of the wonderful memories I had with my great-grandmother.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Cause Ya Gotta Have Friends....

Good Morning!
The party is still going strong here.
Shuga is wasted in the corner, but I'm still partying like its 1999!
Why I am partying so hard you ask??
Because I got this.....
Marsha Mpressions was so sweet to bestow this
Lovely Blog Award upon me.
Marsha has the sweetest blog and is truly a lovely woman.
I have to say that writing this blog has really put some things
into perspective for me.
I really missed my friends when I relocated to my new home; however, talking with all of the lovely
ladies out there in blog land lets me know that I have such sweet guys (and girls.)

Here are the official rules of the award.
RULES FOR THIS AWARD 1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who's given it to you, along with the link to his or her blog. 2. Pass the award to several other blogs you enjoy. Contact those bloggers to let them know they've been chosen for this award. Have fun and enjoy your award! I really hope you choose to play and keep it going. But if you don't, that's okay too. Just enjoy your award in any way you wish and know that I think you have a very lovely blog.

I read over fifty blogs aday...okay I scan alot, but I'm still out there supporting ya'll.
All of your blogs are really great and I hated to just choose a few .
Here are the blogs of some really great ladies that I think have lovely blogs.
Stop by and say hello to these lovely ladies!!!
I hope that they will pass on the love to someone else because we all gotta have friends.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Giveaway if I Want To!!!

Celebrate Good Times...Come On!!!!!
Last night when I came home from working  another long shift in the ER 
I decided to check my blog and guess what?!?!?!?
I had over 5000....that's right, 5000 viewers to my page!!!!
Woot Woot!!! (Raising the roof!!!)
I've only had my blog for three weeks and I NEVUR, NEVUR, NEVUR expected
5000 visits to my little page.
I would have been just as happy with 500.
So, I thought that I'd do a little sumthin' sumthin'
to mark this glorious event!!!
I'm having  a party!!!
Okay, okay so it's just me and Shuga dancing in the living room with no shoes on, but it's a party!
I've put out the chips and poured some drinks.
Slipped on my best dress and practicing the electric slide.
The only thing that would make my party better is this.......
I'm giving away a $25 Hobby Lobby gift card!!!!
(Insert oooohhs and aaaaaaahs).
Everyone who knows  me know I L-O-V-E me some Hob Lob!
I know you're wondering,
"How do I make that fine thang mine?"
I'm glad you asked.
There are three ways to enter for this giveaway.
1.Leave a comment about something on my blog that you L-O-V-E.
2. Become a follower. Sometimes following is a good thing.
Leave a comment letting me know that you are following me.
3.Give some bloggy love! Comment on your blog about my lil 'ol giveaway and link back to this post.
 That's three different ways to enter!!!
See....easy peezy lemon squeezy!!
The giveaway ends on September 2nd at midnight.
(Then I turn back into a pumpkin.)
I'll announce the winner on September 3rd.
(I thought I'd give you enough time to find the right outfit for this shindig.)
I hope that you'll stop by and shake your groove thang with me!!!
Shuga's tired of  being my dancing partner...her paws are sore.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tag...I'm IT!!!!!!!!!

You can not believe how CRAZY happy I am to be tagged by my friend , Happy Nester.
I am soooo doing the spastic dance right now!!!!!!
I'm supposed to tell you ten things about myself  and then tag ten more bloggers in return.
Here goes.....I'm so excited I'm about to pee!!!!!! 
 (little spastic arm jerking and squealing)
#1. Vintage, Vintage, Vintage. If it's old and chippy, I LURVE IT!!!! Especially if it's white or aqua.
#2. Aprons...especially vintage aprons. I have been wearing an apron since I was a child. I feel naked in the kitchen without it.
#3. A good cup of tea. There is nothing better. I love Starbucks like the next gal, but for me tea is so soothing (especially with a little milk.)
#4.  I looooong for my own hideaway.
I have this picture on my inspiration wall. Mr. M is currently on the hunt for one as we speak. 
It will be filled with lots of #1 and #3 for sure.
#5. I was a beauty queen (like I really WON).
I know...I know.
#6. My favorite shoe is a good high heel.
There is nothing more comfortable in this world to me.
Came in really hand for #5.
#7. I'm a classical pianist.
I started playing when I was seven.
I think it helped me get #5.
#8. There's TWO of me!!!
I'm the oldest of the set by six minutes.
My sis is also amazing.
I'm trying to convince her to get her own blog too.
#9. I have tattoos....lots of them.
Not to the extent of this pic but enough.
#10. I love ALL things french.
My grandmother was from Provence.
I love it so much  I married a frenchman.
Without further adieu, here are my ten friends that I am tagging.
You're It!!!!!
  Check out these FABU ladies and see what they have to share!!!!!

Once Again....

It's the first day of school.
The first day of school has always signified change for me.
An opportunity to learn and grow with new teachers and classmates.
Today dawns a new era for me.
My oldest son is a senior in high school.
This will be the year of prom and senior trips, photos, class rings, and graduation.
This is the year my son makes the transition from boy to man and will be on his own in a year.
My youngest son , who is autistic, started junior high.
This is the first year of different teachers and lockers and pep rallies and football games.
This is the first year where I can no longer keep him under my wing at all times.
This is the year my son will learn to adjust in the world without his mother by his side.
My oldest daughter started the third grade.
She's learning cliques and girly talk and fashion is now important.
Soon there will be boys and high heels....I see it coming.
My youngest daughter starts the first grade this year.
This is the first year of true academic learning beyond the joy of kindergarten.
Today is such an eventful day, even if my children never notice it.
Today is the first day that my house has been completely quiet.
Today is the first day that I can enjoy a cup of tea all alone.
Today is the first day that I can have some peace and get to work on those projects I have waiting.
Whoo Hoo!!!!!
Let's get this party started!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Summer of '69...forty years later

I wasn't a child of the sixties.

A child of the seventies....yes.

A child of the

I have my own nightmares about macrame and courdorouy that will blow your mind.

So imagine when my kiddos saw this at Joann's and begged to have it.....

my skin crawled but after looking at six sets of big puppy dog eyes and hearing, "please, please, pleeeeeze" I couldn't help but cave in.
So, after tarping my dining room table and choosing colors and designs, we set to work.

My son chose camoflouage. I didn't even know that you could tie dye camo?
Ahhh...summer crafts.
(Notice the looming bag of school supplies in the corner)
What you can't see is me cringing when allowing 8 year-olds to have free reign with a bottle of dye.
My children immediately wanted to know if this was going on the blog...of course!
They couldn't wait to take pictures of their new creations.
Since this was the last weekened of summer break, I decided to go all out and give them their very own photo shoot. whole works.  This is high fashion people!!!
We started with a look of "Rebel without a Cause."
Tori ,my six year-old, started off the shoot with her pink and blue tie dye that featured her iron on.
She was truly a natural in front of the camera.

Taylor, my eight year-old, did her creation in lime green with her iron on.
She photographs beautifully! She didn't have a single bad frame.

Daviss, my eleven year-old is definitely the strong,quiet type.
Telling an autistic child to "act natural" in front of the camera is a little harder than it seems.
His camoflouge came out amazing!

Even the Divine Mr. M got in on the action with his black and white tie dye that he did himself.
Doesn't he look good by my bike? (yes, it's really mine.)
You can see why he's my rockstar.

My girls wanted something very hippy to tie dye, so they made another set of shirts which prompted another photo shoot.....The Summer of '69.

For around thirty dollars, my children had a blast!!!
It's not about the money you spend as much as the time you share with your children.
At the end of the day, I was exhausted and my back was sore from trying to get really great angles but it was all worth it to have them hug my neck, kiss my cheek and say
" That was so cool. "
I don't think that they will forget the summer of '69 anytime soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Please Go Away....

(The Divine Mr.M and I on our wedding day)

It's raining here...again.
I love the rain....most days.
Today I want it to stop raining.
I have too much to do and thunder and lightning are putting a damper to my plans.

I once told Mr. M that I had always wished to be kissed in the rain (like on "The Notebook".)
One day it was STORMING outside.
Mr. M came home and pulled me out into our backyard.
I thought Mr. M had lost his mind and that I was surely going to be struck by lightning.
Mr. M pulled me close and gave me the biggest kiss ever.
I was stunned.
(See why I love him so?)

He just stood there smiling.
I ran in the house. (Still afraid of being struck by lightning.)

I kinda hope he doesn't come home and pull that stunt again.
I love him but I don't want to be electrocuted.

So have a great (and hopefully dry ) day.
I'm going to put my raincoat on .....just in case :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

"The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”

Today is the two month wedding anniversary for the divine Mr. M and me.

Mr. M told me to close my eyes and placed the flowers above in my hand (all dressed up in a long rose box and everything!)
The box held one yellow rose and two white ones.

Mr. M is a soft spoken man and he's not the most eloquent of speakers but today he spoke volumes to my heart.
He said, "The yellow one is for our wedding day and the white ones are for each month we've shared since then."

I almost melted.

On our second date, Mr. M presented me with one of the most beautiful yellow roses I have ever seen in my life without even knowing that yellow roses are my all time favorite flower.
I truly thought that he had asked my best friend about my favorite flower but he just commented, "Nope. I didn't ask nobody. It just looked"

Words could not express my love for this man. He is my touchstone. He is my rockstar and country boy all rolled into one. I am so blessed that he is a part of my life.

As I felt the tears welling up in my eyes, I looked up at Mr. M who had the sweetest smile on his face and said....

"This is sooooo going on my blog." (sniff, sniff)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Price My $pace

I am linking up with the Nester for a Price My Space party. Let me tell you, I love a good party. I thought that I would share my living room space with ya'll. So here it is.

1. The couch and loveseat were my husband's before we married and they were given to him by his parents so the cost was free. They are a deep burgundy and although they suffice for now, they will be gone by the end of the year and replaced with a nice, deep sectional.

2.I purchased the clock several years ago for $100. It does keep time (when the batteries are not dead.) It's always been a great focal and conversation piece.

3. The shelves are made from a scaffolding plank and mounted to the wall with some brackets that we already had=free! The frames are from Walmart and cost a total of $15.

4. The typography on the wall was from an old taco restaurant sign that I saw on the side of the road so once again the price is free!

5. The coffee table is a trunk that I purchased at Hob Lob about five years ago. I got it on clearance for around $40. I found the tray at GW along with the asian tea set for a total of $6. The pinecones are from our wedding in Colorado. I simply added the fabric from my stash to pull it together.

6. Each of the lamps are from GW that I simply spraypainted in black. Most of the accessories are GW finds totaling around $30 total.
(BTW, supa sweet MIL bought us the rug....fuh-reeee!)

7. One of my crown jewels of thrifting. I bought this mirror at a resale shop for $20. She's now spraypainted with oil rubbed bronze. I love her!

8.My newest find is this buddha candleholder for $30 from Target.

9. The fleur de lis finial is from Hob Lob on clearance for $4. The fleur de lis bookends are a GW find for $5.

10. My supa sweet MIL bought the candleholder in my fireplace (since it's capped off) so it was fuhreeee!!! I purchased the candles at Hob Lob for $8.

11. The pillows came with the couch except for the square one in the previous pic. It was also a GW find at $3.

12. I forgot about the curtains..I got these at Lowes for 100.00...sorry.

So, all in all, my living room came to approximately $361 with perhaps the purchase of spray paint. The overall look to the room is a little masculine for my taste, but it is something that Mr. M and I can both agree on and live with.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Good to be Queen

Even if it only exsists in my head.
Actually, I am a queen.
I am queen of my own castle (even if it doesn happen to be on a corner lot.)

I have a king who loves and adores me (although he leaves his socks on the floor.)

There are two handsome princes who are training to take over our rule and be valiant knights (on Playstation 2.)

There are two beautiful princesses who are the fairest in the land and have suitors at their doorstep at every turn
(they happen to be a pig and a frog but it's what's on the inside that counts.)

I have a lady in waiting who is with me at every step I make (even though she has four legs and is actually waiting for me to accidentally drop some food on the floor.)

I ride in the finest carriages and wear only the finest of clothes
(that just happen to be my truck and my work scrubs about 90% of the time.)

Above all, I live in the finest kingdom in the land and I wouldn't trade it for all of the world's riches.

What are you queen of?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back Door Decor

I am participating in Metamorphasis Monday with Between Naps on the Porch,Thrifty Finds
with Southern Hospitality and Make Your Monday with Twice Remembered.

And Kimm with Reinvented who is hosting a great giveaway along with A Soft Place to Land!

Check these ladies and all of the great posts that they have!!!

Do you see this poor bench sitting at my back door?

His name is Henry.
I found Henry this week while driving home one day. Someone had thrown this poor dear in the ditch. I was squealing into my cellphone to my sister that I had to go. (I'm sure she thought that I had hit a truck or something .)

I brought Henry home and sat him on my very small porch at my back door.
That's when I realized how uninviting my back door was and that something neede to be done.
Henry is a bench of substance. Solid wood. Look at those rusted nails and chippy paint.

Henry has weathered many storms..and probably a few hurricanes as well.

When I rescued Henry, I found this poor thing as well. Can you guess what it is?

What if I pull the covers back for a peek?

It's a wooden tool box!!!!

I know...I know......

For such a small town, it has a treasure for great junk. (No, I will not tell you where I live.)
It has compartments and is a really good size.!!! (Spazzy dance time!!!)

I decided to make my back door more "me."

The first thing I did was make this wreath that I had been putting off for the longest. I got the square styrofoam wreath from Michael's. It was being discontinued so I got it for 75 cents. I got the greenery from Hob Lob at 50% off.

(Is it me or does anyone else have to walk through that store humming "Yield Not To Temptation"?)

I hung it with some gorgeous red toile fabric. I know that toile is passe these days, but I'm french. I can't help it.

Here is my new back door!!!

I painted Henry with Rustoleum Colonial Red. I am giving MAAAAD props to this stuff!!! I thought all the hype about Rustoleum was just that..hype. Oh noooooooo!!!! This is the real deal!!!! I will NEVER go back to the other improvement stores brand of paint again.

(I'm not calling any names, but you know who you are and you know that you sell crappy spray paint.)

I painted the tool box in Rustoleum Heirloom White. Ladies!!!!! Ya'll were soooooo right about this color!!! It is my second BFF. I found it in abundance!!!!!

(You still cannot know where I live...giggle.)

I made the topiary out of an exsisting topiary that I bought at the Salvation Army. Just imagine a very 90's thingy with magnolias all over it....yeah...I know.

I simply removed all of the hideous...and I mean and replaced it with greenery that I bought at Hob Lob. I placed it in the terra cotta pot that I found on another curb cruising excursion and voila!

I love typography so much that I couldn't resist putting it by my back door.

I know that I've seen many doors painted with their house numbers on them but I didn' want to commit to performing plastic surgery on my back door under the influence of several Nyquil and Theraflu. That would simply be unethical. So, I tried it on my tool box. I lurve it!!!! I simply added some faux hydrangeas from Hob Lob and there you have it.

I'm very happy with my new back door decor. I definitely think that it gives such a feel for me and my house as well as it brightens up my day when I come home.

I hope that if you get a chance to come by, you'll stop and speak to Henry and feel instantly at home.

Sunday Blessings

"But this I say, He who soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly, and he which soweth bountifully shall reap bountifully"
2 Corinthians 9:6 (KJV)

When I discovered the dresser drawer for Shuga's new bed, My husband discovered something else. Mr. M. discovered a golden class ring that was left in the drawer. We knew that the people were moving and we went back to the house, but sadly no one was there. After several attempts of going by the home, we still had not returned the ring. Mr. M thought that we could then sell the ring since the owners had moved, but I told him that was not sufficient for me. I knew that this man had kept this ring for a reason as it was important to him and I wanted to give every effort to return him the ring.

Saturday, my husband drove to the store (as I am still sick as a dog) and came home excited. The owners of the house were having a garage sale. He stopped and talked to the owner of the house and asked him if he still owned his class ring. The man said he did still have his class ring and described it perfectly. I got dressed and went down the street with the ring. The man and his family were so thrilled that I had found and returned the ring. The ring apparently fell out of a small box that he stored it in and he had no idea that it was even missing.

The owner of the ring was so grateful that he told us to take whatever we wanted. We kindly declined the offer as we expected nothing in return, but the owner said , "It's eleven o'clock and I'm fixing to give this stuff to Goodwill. Please take it." We started talking and as soon as he discovered that we had children , came out with a bicycle in very good condition for the girls and a very nice basketball goal for the boys. He asked me why I wanted just that dresser drawer and I told him about this blog. He then gave me a large mirror, a christmas tree and a large matted print. He told me I couldn't refuse. I didn't. Our families stood and talked for some time and then parted ways.

I believe in doing the right thing. I believe in sowing good seeds. It's not about the accolades from men of prestige or for reward or show. If the owner of the ring had given me nothing more than a "Thank You," I would have been more than satisfied. Knowing that I did what my heavenly father would have wanted me to do is more than enough for me.

Consider the seeds that you are sowing and make them good ones.

Friday, August 14, 2009's an illness

I'm writing you today from my deathbed.
At least I feel like I'm dying.

I know that I should be resting and pushing lots of fluids but, you see, I suffer from a greater illness.

One that goes way beyond my 102.5 fever with very sore throat and stuffy nose.

My love for topography. I hope I spelled that right. If not, blame the drugs. I have had this love affair with topography for as long as I could remember. Long before Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs made it popular. My father had a wooden print block that sat on his bookshelf in his apartment. I loved the way it looked sitting there all by itself. It just spoke to me.

So began my lifelong love.

While others consider it the newest trend, I consider it art.
I thought that I would take a moment and show you some of the topography ...err art that resides in my home.

P.S. Sorry for the pics. It's hard to take good shots when you're hopped up on NyQuil.

This is a basket that sits at my hearth in the living room. I found the number at GW and simply bolted it to the basket that holds some extra letters that I own.

This is the wall above my couch. I found the letters on the side of the road in a ditch on an old taco restaurant sign. My husband said they had been there for years so I didn't feel bad about taking them. Mr. M had to pry them off with a crowbar.
(Forgive the really sad sheetrock job. It was like that when we bought the house and is on the list of re-do's.)

This is another view of the wall. I have a few more smaller numbers that I need to place on the wall directly above the couch.
I do have a question for you all in blog land.
Do you see that little wall with the vent?
I'm debating if I should place topography there as well or leave it be?
I'll go with the highest vote.
Thanks ladies for your input.
Sorry this post is short.
I feel the need to go and drink some more Theraflu. (sniff....sniff)

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