Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Time Flies

In the wake of all that I have going on around me,
I just realized that I have had well over
one hundred posts since I started this
blogging journey eight months ago.

This journey has taken me through highs and lows.
I've come to see my own limitations ,both physicially and mentally,
and have learned so much about myself.

The best part of this whole cycle is that I've had the opportunity
to meet and befriend some of the greatest group of women and men
that this world has to offer.
Blogging has opened a whole world of friendships and connections
that I would have never known otherwise.
Ya'll are the best!!!!
Hands down!!!!!!

So, in honor of my milestone
I am hosting a giveaway!!!!!

I have the pleasant honor of giving away time....
I know you're thinking...

I didn't find the fountain of youth
or ageless beauty in a bottle because if I did.....
I would have drank it ALLLLL!!!!!

Instead, I'm giving you this....

This baby is pretteeeeeeee!!!!!

I found her located here and just had to have her.
I loved her soooo much that I thought ya'll should have one too!!!

I know...
you're thinking....

What I gotta do to get that pretty filly for myself?

I'm glad you asked...

No. 1
Leave a comment...short and sweet, long and poignant...I love to hear from ya'll.

No. 2
Become a follower for a second chance.If you're already following me, just let me know.

No. 3
Spread the love...let others know about this great giveaway and let me know you've spread the word for a third chance.

That's it...that's all.
This giveaway will be open until midnight, May 16th.
Thank ya'll for going along with me on this awesome journey.
I couldn't have done it without ya'll!!!!
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