Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Price My $pace

I am linking up with the Nester for a Price My Space party. Let me tell you, I love a good party. I thought that I would share my living room space with ya'll. So here it is.

1. The couch and loveseat were my husband's before we married and they were given to him by his parents so the cost was free. They are a deep burgundy and although they suffice for now, they will be gone by the end of the year and replaced with a nice, deep sectional.

2.I purchased the clock several years ago for $100. It does keep time (when the batteries are not dead.) It's always been a great focal and conversation piece.

3. The shelves are made from a scaffolding plank and mounted to the wall with some brackets that we already had=free! The frames are from Walmart and cost a total of $15.

4. The typography on the wall was from an old taco restaurant sign that I saw on the side of the road so once again the price is free!

5. The coffee table is a trunk that I purchased at Hob Lob about five years ago. I got it on clearance for around $40. I found the tray at GW along with the asian tea set for a total of $6. The pinecones are from our wedding in Colorado. I simply added the fabric from my stash to pull it together.

6. Each of the lamps are from GW that I simply spraypainted in black. Most of the accessories are GW finds totaling around $30 total.
(BTW, supa sweet MIL bought us the rug....fuh-reeee!)

7. One of my crown jewels of thrifting. I bought this mirror at a resale shop for $20. She's now spraypainted with oil rubbed bronze. I love her!

8.My newest find is this buddha candleholder for $30 from Target.

9. The fleur de lis finial is from Hob Lob on clearance for $4. The fleur de lis bookends are a GW find for $5.

10. My supa sweet MIL bought the candleholder in my fireplace (since it's capped off) so it was fuhreeee!!! I purchased the candles at Hob Lob for $8.

11. The pillows came with the couch except for the square one in the previous pic. It was also a GW find at $3.

12. I forgot about the curtains..I got these at Lowes for 100.00...sorry.

So, all in all, my living room came to approximately $361 with perhaps the purchase of spray paint. The overall look to the room is a little masculine for my taste, but it is something that Mr. M and I can both agree on and live with.

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