Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Summer of '69...forty years later

I wasn't a child of the sixties.

A child of the seventies....yes.

A child of the

I have my own nightmares about macrame and courdorouy that will blow your mind.

So imagine when my kiddos saw this at Joann's and begged to have it.....

my skin crawled but after looking at six sets of big puppy dog eyes and hearing, "please, please, pleeeeeze" I couldn't help but cave in.
So, after tarping my dining room table and choosing colors and designs, we set to work.

My son chose camoflouage. I didn't even know that you could tie dye camo?
Ahhh...summer crafts.
(Notice the looming bag of school supplies in the corner)
What you can't see is me cringing when allowing 8 year-olds to have free reign with a bottle of dye.
My children immediately wanted to know if this was going on the blog...of course!
They couldn't wait to take pictures of their new creations.
Since this was the last weekened of summer break, I decided to go all out and give them their very own photo shoot. whole works.  This is high fashion people!!!
We started with a look of "Rebel without a Cause."
Tori ,my six year-old, started off the shoot with her pink and blue tie dye that featured her iron on.
She was truly a natural in front of the camera.

Taylor, my eight year-old, did her creation in lime green with her iron on.
She photographs beautifully! She didn't have a single bad frame.

Daviss, my eleven year-old is definitely the strong,quiet type.
Telling an autistic child to "act natural" in front of the camera is a little harder than it seems.
His camoflouge came out amazing!

Even the Divine Mr. M got in on the action with his black and white tie dye that he did himself.
Doesn't he look good by my bike? (yes, it's really mine.)
You can see why he's my rockstar.

My girls wanted something very hippy to tie dye, so they made another set of shirts which prompted another photo shoot.....The Summer of '69.

For around thirty dollars, my children had a blast!!!
It's not about the money you spend as much as the time you share with your children.
At the end of the day, I was exhausted and my back was sore from trying to get really great angles but it was all worth it to have them hug my neck, kiss my cheek and say
" That was so cool. "
I don't think that they will forget the summer of '69 anytime soon.
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