Friday, October 30, 2009

Spread the Madness

Do you see this little girl?

I don't know who she is
(or why I have her picture for that matter...)
But she TOTALLY is expressing how I'm feeling right now.

Sheer JOY!!!
I am simply giddy.
Ya'll continue to amaze me.

I offer a little giveaway for 100 followers
and ya'll showed SOOOOO
nuch bloggy love.

After just four days,
I now have 175 followers!!!
I'm shell shocked.
Thank ya'll so much!!!

Since my followers have almost doubled,
I've made a decision.....

If I reach 200 followers
I will double my giveaway!!!

That's right...

(plus a suprise for one randomn follower.)

So please continue to spread the madness
and I will spread the love.
I just want to thank everyone who has left such
awesome comments...
I will get to every last one...I promise.

I need to go now and finish getting ready for Halloween.
I think my spicy demon knuckles are starting to mold
and my bat wings are getting soggy.
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