Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Little Help...Pleeeeeze?

Testing, Testing, 1,2.....
(is this thing on?)
Good morning.
(fidgeting with the mike while it makes that loud shreiking noise.)
Can ya'll hear me out there?
Ladies, I am here in need of some help.
Do you see that pocket watch above?
Yes, that one.
I'm on the hunt for one.
Not that exact same one mind you,but an open face pocket watch.
I've been looking forever but with no success.
See, I have this love for clocks and especially pocket watches.
(I dunno why. I just do.)
I had a pocket watch very similar to the one above and a past boyfriend stole it.
(I've never seen him since and he's very lucky I haven't.)
If any of you ladies have one (or two)
or come across one (or two) in your junking escapades,
will you please think of me and let me know?
I know ya'll can find some of the very best stuff out there.
Thanks a bunches!!!
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