Monday, June 14, 2010

Time to Get Things in Order

I had such a great time in Athens
at Winnie and Talula's.

Not only were some of my good friends in attendance,
but there was some amazing finds as well.

See that fabulous little clock ?
It's mine.......
Go ahead and drool.
I'll wait.

The ever popular Mindy and Linda enjoying
the fabulosity of Linda's booth.

Linda's shop, Willow Nest, carries some of the most beautiful
pieces of vintage items and whimsy that you could ever lay your eyes on.

Linda's dose of white with a touch of color is simply perfect.
This ribbon and millinery were divine and were just right for spring.
Willow Nest also knows how to add the most wonderful
use of contrast such as velvet and burlap.

I made a bee line over to one of my favorite booths ever....
Robojunker...aka Margo.

Margo's wares make me swoon.
Although I'm a pearls and diamonds wearing lady
I'm really a rust and bolts kinda gal.

There...I said it...
I have an addiction to industrial junk
and Margo is one of my suppliers to my habit.

Just look at this scale!!!
With rust like this, who needs frills?
I tried to buy it but Mr.M reminded me that I already own one just like it...darn.

Margo did have some pretty shiny glass
because every girl needs some kind of bling.

This printer's tray was stunning.
The possibilities were endless but I had my eye on a few other items that I will show ya'll later.

I had to stop in and visit with my fairy blog parents,
Debbie and the infamous Cat Daddy

My fairy blog mama did not disappoint.
Remember the clock?
That's right...swiped it right up from her booth.

There was nothing trashy about this offering of gorgeous delights.
Cat Daddy was out on the street corner (literally)
showcasing some of his fine silver and great vintage finds.
See this really awesome post?
Cat Daddy had it......and I wanted it....baaaaaaaaad!!!

I begged.
I pleaded.
I made puppy dog eyes and stucky my lip out
but Mr. M wasn't having any of it.
He said the truck was too small to tote it!
It was such a gorgeous day that even the butterflies were
out and about.

There were so many beautiful finds that I don't have time to list them all
but I wish that I could.

Being in Athens definitely gave me a new perspective for
the spring.
I felt fresh and renewed and ready to get everything in order
for the renovation and remodeling of our house and our lives.

It was so great to see old finds and friends.

If you're ever up by Athens, stop by Winnie and Talula's and stay for a while.
Who knows?
Perhaps you will be ready to get things in order as well.


  1. What lovely treasures! Next time send him for ice cream and hide it in the truck!!

  2. Oh my Lord woman, you give me such style envy I want to throw all my stuff out and start again from scratch, lifting things right off your page. Le sigh.

  3. Oh what fun, oh the wonderful goods and beautiful ladies! It looks like you had the best of times!

    Enjoy your day Angelique! HUGS!

  4. I LOVE that clock! I have a little thing for baby ben clocks. :)

    W & T's was fun! I wish I wouldn't have left before you got there. :(


  5. Great post, I've added your to our Winnie & Tulula's Blog roll of posts about the store.
    It was fun to see you again, can't wait till the next big sale.

  6. I love the picture of Mindy and Linda!

  7. Everything looks amazing - thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. Thank-you for your kind words.. you have a real way with words on your blog, very clever girl, you are... your photos are perfect, thanks for having us!

  9. Oh how I wish I could have been there! So many pretty, crusty, rusty and chippy things all in one place! (swoon)

    Great post.


  10. Well, it looks & sounds like you had a GREAT TIME! Thanks for sharing your trip with the rest of us!! Have a great night, God Bless :)

  11. Sounds like an amazing visit. I'd love to see Linda's shop. She just exudes beauty and class! Love your clock, and great photos, A.!!

  12. Thank you for giving me a mid day RUSH! Since I haven't been able to fleamarket for a while, I think I'm having serious withdrawels, and your post has just helped me quite a bit. Eye Candy! and so inspirational. xo Lidy


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