Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year ...New Changes

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I'm sure ya'll thought that I have slipped off the face of the earth by now.

I rang in the new year with my very best friends
(like I do every year.)

We get all dressed up and sit around the house.....fun times, let me tell ya!

The Divine Mr. M and I drove up
to his uncle's ranch and spent the weekend with the family.

What did I do that weekend?

I  did what every red-blooded Texan does
with wide open space and time to kill...

I fired off the 12 gauge shotgun.
Now, don't get into a tizzy....

I was skeet shooting.
No animals were harmed.
It was sooo funny to watch Mr. M
tell me to "hold onto it really tight 'cuz it's gonna knock you back."

I'm still waiting for it to knock me back.

I did really good.
My cousin-in-law
said I was showing him up....ha!

Mr. M and I did drive around the property and enjoy the beautiful landscape.
Shuga got to chase a rabbit.
Again, nothing to worry about or fret over...
That rabbit had Shuga by a hundred paces
and Shuga gave up really quick.

That trip to the ranch was just what I needed.
I'm back refreshed and renewed for 2010!

I'm going to take a small hiatus to
take down the old
and start with the new!!!

This will give me time to clean up
(which takes a long time these days)
and organize my office.
(You don't want to see it now....TRUST me..)

I've decided to take full advantage
of my disadvantages.

My etsy shop will be up and running
and I have some awesome
things to display!!!

I've also decided to take this time at home
to start some projects
(don't worry...they're all "leg" safe)
that I've been wanting to try for a loooong time.

All giveaways are being mailed out tomorrow.
( a little sumtin' sumtin' is included for the wait.)

I want to take a minute to thank
for my pomander
that I won!!!!

It is soooooo beautiful!!!!!
She even threw in
and beatiful charm for meeeee!!!!

Thanks to Anne
who sent me an aweome
pimpin' cane!!!
My kids thinks it's awesome.

I just can't carry it to the airport and stuff like that
due to the concealed sword and all
but it's the

I'm looking at life in a whole new perspective.
I'm learning how to redo everyday chores differently
with my leg.
I have been referred to the head rheumatologist
at Hermann.

I hope he can fix me
(or at least use really good duct tape to ptach me up.)

So, I will see ya'll in a week
(or two.)

I will be back...with new gusto!!!!!

Like General MacArthur....
"I shall return."

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