Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blood, Guts, and Halloween Gore

I come home last night from work
in time to kiss Mr. M and wish him a good night.
(He was working a graveyard shift.)

It was going to be my son, Shuga and me all night.
I was settling in, doing normal household activities
(opening a package of sausage for Shuga....)
when I look down and see blood........

Apparently, I've cut my the tip of it........almost off.

(Shuga's having a field day licking the blood off of the floor....ewww.)

I call Mr.M who says go to the ER.
I just left there...I'm not going back.

(I'm an ER nurse for all of you who are new to reading my blog.)

(Shuga is still following me around...licking blood off the floor.)
As hard as I try, I just can't get the bleeding to stop
(nor can I get my dog to stop either....geeesh.)
I now have this.

Nice, huh??

It is kind surreal to be a patient where you work.
I knew exactly what was going to happen and what
I needed to do, but it just didn't come to mind at the time.

Supah doopah thanks to Monica,
Nure Practitioner and girlfriend
for hooking....errr sewing me up!!!

(I kept the pics fuzzy for the weak stomachs out there
You REALLLLY don't want a close up, trust me.)

With my new booboo in tow,
I will be off for a few days to get ready
for my big Halloween party.
I will be posting pics and all the gory details
first of next week.

I do want to say "THANK YOU"
from the bottom of my heart
for all of the bloggy love
ya'll have shown me.
Ya'll are the best!!!!!
Spread the madness... there's still time to enter my giveaway!!!
I'm off to nurse my finger
and find some holy water
for my vampire dog.

Happy Haunting!!!

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