Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Bewitching Giveaway!!!!!!!

Apparently my BOO spell worked!!!!!

(Supah sweet MIL got this lady for my door.)

Do you see my follower numbers?
Did ya? Did ya? Did ya??

I now have 100 followers!!!!


I am doing my supah doopah spazzy dance!!!!!!
(Shuga is looking at me  like I've lost my mind....)

I am sooooo overcome with joy
and so humbled at the same time
that ya'll are showing me such bloggy love.

(Who woulda thunk it????)

I am doing a little magic myself and have decided to
conjure up my own giveaway!!!!!

(See my little pumpkin on my candlestick? Cute, huh?)

I am going to give one lucky person a gift card!!!

A 50 dollar Visa Gift Card!!!!
I know you're asking yourself,
"What do I have to do to make this little pretty mine?"

Glad you asked.....

#1. Show some love.....leave a comment.
#2. Show a little more love......become a follower. If you are one already, let me know.
#3. Spread the love....post about my giveaway on your blog and  then let me know.

You can get up to three entries for this little gem.

I'll will be drawing the winner on Friday, November 6th.

P.S. There will be an added bonus for another randomn follower...it's a surprise!!!

I have noticed some awesome giveaways lately.

Theresa and Garden Antqs Vintage
is having an awesome giveaway to  celebrate her blogiversary
and Anne with Fiona and Twig
is giving up an amazing giveaway
with TWO amazing prizes!!!!!!

Be sure to go and visit them
and don't forget to
spread the love!!!!!1

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