Monday, November 9, 2009

Houston, We Have A Market....

Here I am at the Houston Urban Market.
I truly love coming back to Houston.
It's where I've made my home most of my adult life.

So when I heard about an antique show
that's like a mini Warrenton
in my old stomping grounds,
I got a new 'do
slipped on my heels
and got to shopping!!!

I have to say that I love
the marketing....
"Near the Heights" is what the flyer read.
Acres Homes is where it really was.
(It's a bad neighborhood in Houston for those not from the area.)
I was DYING laughing when I pulled up to see
Mercedes, BMW's and Lexus all parked
right in front of the projects!!!!
(What people don't mind doing for great junk!!!)

As soon as I parked on the grounds...
(I'm from the hood..there is NOOO way I was parking on the street...none...nada)
I was VERY impressed with the quality of wares that were being peddled.

This stuff was REALLY high end.
No hot messes here ladies.....uh uh.

I saw a huge basket filled with little galvanized buckets.
Had to have some.
They belonged to
Ann and Ray Veazey from San Antonio.
BTW,they  don't say "cheese" for the camera.
These neat folks say "queso!"
Their booth had a great eclectic feel with some spanish influence.

I fell in L-O-V-E with these wooden doll heads.
The colors were vivid and the detail was superb.
They were out of my price range....sniff, sniff.
Mr. M had to pull me away.
I walked off serenading these lovely ladies to
"Somedayyyyy, we'll be togeeeeether...."
(Diana Ross and The Supremes for all you yungins out there.)

Even the chandies that were there were all opulent and beautiful.
(I dunno who this lady was. Everytime I tried to take a pic, she walked into my shot...every single time.)

I was on a mission and did not stop until I came here....

by Brian and Melony Russell.
Their booth was my absolute favorite at Warrenton
and they did not disappoint me in Houston either.

Brian told me that Meloney is the real genuis
of their operation and I believe it.
Her designs and eye for style leave me speechless.
Just look at this christmas tree.
If you would have told me
"I think paintbrushes would look good as ornaments"
I would think you'd been hitting the sauce a little hard
but Meloney makes it stunning.

Another Christmas tree with ornaments by Meloney,
I couldn't leave without bringing a few of these beauties home.

There was sooo much that I wanted to bring home
like these antique spools, but I couldn't buy it all.
It would be rude to take EVERYTHING.

I saw women carrying bittersweets and gorgeous hand tied wreaths
all over the market.
I finally asked where they were purchasing such lovely
arrangements and I was quickly directed to
She is a florist with amazing talent
and some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen.

She had hand tied garlands with pumpkins, hydrangeas,
wreaths, sugar cones (which came home with me)
and bittersweets.
(they were all gone when I got there....sniff, sniff....I'm not bitter about it...)

Just an example of the gorgeous wreaths that she was taking orders for.

I was strolling along, when I spotted this little guy.
(Probably a girl...or a guy dressed in Houston, anything's possible.)
I was mesmerized by all of the eye candy
and that's when I realized I was
at the booth of

If you don't know who Willow Nest is....
then you should to their website!!!
They have the best stuff ever!!!!
I was dizzy and drooling on myself because I have oogled over their site forever!!!

Linda and Ludmill of Willow Nest.
So very sweet to stop and post for a pic.
I came away with some french wooden spools
and some desperately needed german glass glitter.

I was skipping along when I saw this beauty.
I picked her up and looked her over and decided
to ease on down the road.
But, the further I walked away
the more I thought about her.
(kinda like leaving a puppy in the window at the pet store.)
She started to take over my thoughts.....
Would she have a good home?
Would her new owner love her and take good care of her?
I turned around and bought her.
(I'll show you her transformation next week.)

My new baby was at the booth of Joy Jenkins.
Joy had some fabulous finds and amazing works of her art.

She makes amazing oyster shell mirrors and other pieces of art
like this curio cabinet.

(Is it not beautiful???)

I came across a gorgeous booth by the name
French Vanilla.
Two of my favorite things....french and vanilla (bluebell of course.)
I got to meet Peg, the owner of all of that creamy goodness.

I only wish that I had taken more pics as
her booth was dreamy...swoon.

As we were leaving, I spotted something
that caught my eye.
But I thought it was a bit tooo much to pay.
The Divine Mr. M. asked
"Do you like it?"
I said yes but told him it was too much.
Mr. M kissed me on the cheek and said
"Happy Birthday!"
(My birthday is next month....)

Not only did he get this gorgeous birdcage for me,
(I have a thing for birds...)
He tied to the top of our Trailblazer and hauled it almost two hours

I can't wait until next year to see what Houston has to offer!!!!

On a personal note,
I will be taking a bloggy break for at least a week.
(I know that I will be suffering withdrawals...)
but I need to take some time to tend to home
and get ready to blog about the holidays.

I promise that I will come back refreshed and renewed with
more awesome junk....errrr show ya'll.

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