Friday, February 5, 2010

It's Mind Blogging

Or is that mind blowing????

This week has been pretty busy here
at the Six house.

After being awakened by my sis
Six Divided By Two...aka Misty,
to inform me that a good bloggy friend of ours
wrote this amazing and soul stirring blog.

I have to admit that I was saying "Amen"
out loud while reading it.
Sis and I were so inspired by this moving blog
that we felt the need to start a new revelation
in blogging.

To blog for what matters to us
and not be concerned with just the numbers.
To stand out in the crowd and be as unique
as we were meant to be.
We decided to share our passion
to be individual
with fellow bloggers who share the same zeal.

We, the Six Sisters, created this.

The "Not a Stepford Blog" award
 was created to celebrate those who buck the
blogging society and are true to themselves
and their blog.

Misty has already bestowed her award to several
fine bloggers out there and now it's my turn.

First and foremost, I have to award Debbie of Talking Trash.
Debbie is my fairy blog mother who dares to go where most
bloggers will never venture and she is hysterical in the process.

Second, I'd like to award The Texas Woman.
She has the courage of ten men and her
Tuesday posts will have you in stitches!

Third is Adrienne from The Flying Bee.
I love how she decided to totally take a new direction
with her blog and went for it!!!
The results were amazing.

Fourth is my girl Lulu Kellog.
Not only does Lulu make the most amazing jewelry
and crafts, but she has a dark side to her that I just love.
I mean c'mon...everyone can't be rainbows and unicorns EVERY day.

Last, but not least, is Gypsy Nurse from Writing Out Loud.
Her blogs are fun and inspiring as well as insightful.
This is a woman who is not afraid to put herself out there
and be transparent for the world.
I love her for that!!!!

If you have never met these talented women
please stop by and say hello.
I promise that you won't be disappointed
as they are all unique and amazing.

If you are one of the recepients of this award,
I hope that you will pass it on
to another blogger that you feel is different and wonderful
in their own unique way.


  1. I don't see so good any more...that's why I travel where I do! Thanks are just the best. Love your other choices and you are so right on the money with Lulu! Have you by any chance got to meet "Patsy" about a dark side. Kiddo, you ain't heard anything yet!
    This was a great idea. I like all kinds of blogs and not just the ones about junk...although I do love junk...just not 24/7...ya know? I like to find and read folks who have a different slant. I feel like it makes me a better person and definitely more well read. Besides, who can I steal ideas from...I mean borrow, of course if everyone wrote or said the same thing!
    Thanks again, my darling girly girl!

  2. I loved that post and it is refreshing to know that free thinking is still allowed.

    I need your address, I want to send you something. email me directly.

    Margo-aka robolady

  3. Just stopping by to show some bloggy love...hope all is well! Happy weekend to ya.

  4. Perfectly stated!
    Your blog is wonderful~
    Thank you for your sweet note & welcome along...
    Hope you have the perfect weekend!

  5. I'm new to your blog, but I love it!!! Keep on blogging :)

  6. Thank you so much girl! That means a lot to me! I couldn't agree more...I always want to be true to myself and not worry about who may or may not like what I am doing on my blog. I want to follow my heart and just go for with the photography. Thanks for the shout out on that...I am honored!

    Oh, and for the record...your blog should be at the top of the list for this award!


  7. Girl~ You all have to stop this week! The tears are overflowing! I can't say thank you enough...really... I guess I have always been left of center..and throw caution to the wind~ but you have only one life... You and Misty made great choice.. and who would want to be a stepford wife?? BLAH!!
    You are the sweetest and so grateful to have you in my world!

  8. I'm thinkin', yet again, that you have lovely taste in bloggers... you named all my faves!!! I'm all about what Adrienne has done of late - every one of her photos has me looking at all kinds of things differently!!!

    Have a wonderful week-end!!!

  9. very fun! love the award! gosh, if i couldn't be "me" i don't know what in the world i would blog about! here's to celebrating, embracing and loving just who we are!

  10. Hi sweetie!
    First, thanks for droppin' in at the Yaya--LOVE your suggestion about the PJ event. And also thank you for introducing us to these great ladies! Have a beautiful week and hope to see you someday at the Yaya....xo...deb

  11. Perfectly said!! I'm off to check out the winners of the Not A Stepford blog award :)

  12. I love to learn of new blogs I haven't discovered yet. Thanks for the list :)

  13. Goodness, thank you so much for this award. It means so much to me. I don't get on the blogs much right now so it took me awhile to get here but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the award. It just means that chemo gets me by the balls (so to speak) every once in awhile! Love ya like a sista!



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