Monday, September 7, 2009

Relaxation Inspiration

As most of us in America take a day to celebrate Labor Day
and seek rest and relaxation from slaving away on our jobs,
I thought that I would provide some inspiration for such an event.
Better Home and Gardens
Imagine going to your place of solitude.
Your haven from the rest of the world.
A place where you could lounge on your daybed and read
while dining on fresh fruit.
Country Living
A place where you could take long soaks
in your bathtub and forget all of your troubles.
Alice W
Maybe you would enjoy a cup of tea.
Alice W
Or dine by candlelight in sheer serenity.
Whatever you do today, don't forget to take time to stop
and smell the roses and just relax.
I'm going to work on some projects.
(It relaxes me, okay?)


  1. Hi! Great pictures - I LOVE all of them! And, surprise, you are the winner of my French Larkspur $150 giveaway!!!!!!!!!!! I will put it up on my blog later today and email you tonight with the details! Just thought I'd let you know right away :) Happy Labor Day and I adore your blog!

    :) T

  2. Oh mylanta, I am in lust with that little garden house. Cat Daddy built me one several years ago, but nothing that pretty! Love the windows.
    I'm inspired by the same things as you...I have that second photo in my style file and still love that look!

  3. what great inspiration...i love all the pictures, but my favorite is the first one. the garden shed. thanks for sharing!

  4. that little house not the cutest? LOVE it. Sweet!

    yapping cat


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