Monday, September 7, 2009

Let There Be Light!!!!

See this little beauty of a pendant light fixture?
Cute but not real pretty?
(We've all met girls like that.)
Poor thing was on sale at GW for $1.49.
She had no self dignity left.
Insert one junker at heart, a can of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint,

and an electrician who just HAPPENS to be
your husband.
(Yes that is sweat.. I'm a hard taskmaster.)
And you have one very pretty light.
She just needed a little makeup.
(oh, and a $8 globe from Lowe's.)
For ten dollars, she feels like a million bucks.
I love the soft glow she gives in my hallway now.
Just divine!

I'm participating in  Southern Hospitality Thrifty finds
and Between Naps on the Porch Metamorphasis Monday
along with Sanctuary Arts at Home for a Before and After.
Go check them and all the ladies who have participated out!!


  1. What a great, inexpensive project with such a pretty and practical outcome. It's always nice to have the husband on hand to get the wiring done! Great redo for under #10.00!

  2. It's lovely! I love the vintage look it has now! Thanks for joining in on the party! Jen

  3. Gotta love those bargain lighting finds... luminating!!! ;)

  4. Must be handy to have an electrician roaming around the house! Nice job on the light. :)

  5. OIL RUBBED BRONZE SPRAY PAINT!??! Where has this been hiding all my life?!?! I'm off to Lowes!

    Great job by the way! :0)

  6. Ok, so I just got finished writing my post on my kitchen light fixture only to come here and see that it is almost exactly the same as yours. Accept for the fact that you found the oil rubbed bronze and I didn't, you lucky. I love that we both referred to them as she and yours go make up and mine got a new dress. Great minds think alike!

  7. Great find! I love to run across a item like this and give it some love :)

  8. Cool makeover! You're a lucky girl to have a hard-working electrician in the house!

  9. verry verrrrrry cute---ah well you said it was cute and not real pretty....but i i I like the word cute--it fits my dear! Now I could use an electrician!

  10. Great creative vision! It turned out great! How wonderful to have your own personal electric man on hand!

  11. Cute project. Glad you had someone to help you hang it!


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