Friday, December 18, 2009

Slumber Party....Here I Come!!!!

I begged and pleaded
and whined and whined
and finally...
Mr. M said that I could come to
My BFF and Fairy Blog Mama,
Debbie is celebrating her 100,000th visitor and
invited her gal pals over for a sleepover!!!
She's even giving away party favors...check her out!

He didn't think I was well enough to go.
I told him I was too.
After all, we're just gonna be sitting around

painting our toenails

doing our hair.


I'm ready to PARTAAAYYY!!!!!!

I brought enough ice, thread and brand new needles
to pierce everyone's ears.
I think Misty is sneakin' in some booze to
go with that hot Dr. Pepper.
I'll take mine plain, thank you.

I dressed up my cane
and I have brand new jammies.
Deb from Common Ground showed ya'll hers...
so here's mine.

Aren't they the bee's knees??
They have skullies on them!!!!!
I am sooo excited to wear them for the party.

(Please forgive the stoner look...I still have some Ativan that is hanging a pimple.)

Now, Robelyn I know that you will cheat for sure at Twister
so I'm playing with my cane in hand.
I know that Mindy will be sneaking in the bathroom with Misty
for a swig or two.
I will be doing breath checks, ladies!!!!

Anne, no sneakin in boys...even if it is Troy and Rob.
Adrienne, could you watch the door for us, if they do stop by?

I am soooo ready !!!
We are gonna hang out like loose teeth!!!!

Bring on the Dr. Pepper!!!!


  1. So glad you are out and about! ~ Angela

  2. Good to see you back my Dear... I hope you are having a great day, the Lord is good.


  3. Wooohoooo I am there!!!!!! With flask in tow... Come on Mindy you know you want some!!!

  4. I just know we are gonna have fun if you are going to be there! Woooooooooooooooo!

  5. As long as it's just loose teeth hanging's all good! It's so much fun when y'all humor me and play along! The folks here at the home says it's a good thing to humor me!
    All keys have to be checked at the door, if flasks are snuck in! Tell Misty...I've got my eye on her! Oh and don't let Jenn see the jamos...she'll try and steal them right off you while you're cat napping!

  6. P.S. So good to hear a smile in your words!


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