Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sleeping in Snow

I saw this picture a long time ago and was instantly inspired.
The simplicity of this bird laying in the snow is just breathtaking.

The Divine Mr. M took me on a day getaway to Galveston
not too long ago and I purchased a candle
named "Sleeping in Snow."

The smell is heavenly.
It instantly became my inspiration
as it immediately reminded me of the above picture.

So, I decided to carry out my version of that theme in my dining room.

Several white birds sleeping in snow under cloches.

This is my dining room table.
I wasn't really great with the camera that day
but you get the idea.
I wanted the room to look like a gentle snow had fallen.

I found the reindeer at one of my
favorite shopping spots and
painted them to match.
(They were a hideous gold before.)
The glass trees were a find of Mr. M's.
(Thank you sweetie.)

I added a few frames with some bling
to carry out the ice theme.
Yes, I know they still have the tag on them.
They will have something cute in them later...I was in a hurry.

My christmas tree in the corner
continued the theme.
(sorry for the bad pics...)

The tree continued to colors of
red and white with touches of black
such as the ornaments that I made like this heart.

Gotta throw in the fleur de lis.

My wine bar that
The Divine Mr. M and I built.
See that little chalkboard on the bottom shelf?
Eventually it will say
"Christmas Spirits...."

I added some more junky finds that
I hooked up with a little spray paint.

This is the candle that started it all.
I placed it in a birdcage and added some snow.

My candleabra that
The Divine Mr. M installed for me.
I covered it with berries and dimmed the lights
for a soothing effect.

I added my cloche collection to the top
of Tabatha and dressed her in her
Christmas finest.

Tabatha wanted to wear mainly white
with just a few red accents.
She is such the diva...
I tell ya...
take a girl off of the streets, dress her up
and she wants to have an attitude now.
I digress...

Depsite what Tabatha wanted,
I thought that she might need just a little something
extra so I added some white stuff
to give the effect of a fresh fallen snow.

At night the effect is soo calming with
the candles lit.

I hope that you have enjoy my dining room.
Even my autistic son (who never notices anything)
thought this was awesome.
Merry Christmas!!!


  1. I love it!!!!! Awesomeness at it's best ...AS ALWAYS!!!!!!

  2. Sweet and beautiful in all it's whiteness:) Love it all, the bird, the candles lit, the previously gold... now white reindeer! Gorgeous decorations! Have a blessed day!

  3. Everything is beautiful! you are so giving me inspiration, I love that display on your dining room table and would love to see more photo's of your christmas tree! Your home is really beautiful:)

  4. Suh...weet! Everything looks wonderful and snowy. I throw snow every year on my front porch and it's all I can do to keep my MIL from sweeping it up before she comes in...she doesn't understand my decorative genious...lol Have a good one anj.


  5. Your holiday decor is beautiful!!! I'm quite fond of the snowy theme that you're using :)
    I forget where I found your blog, but glad that I did!

  6. Your Christmas decorations are so lovely.
    Isn't that funny how one photo of a bird in the snow became your inspiration. How devine!

  7. Oh my gosh - I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!! It's all so gorgeous and I LOVE the reindeer!!!!!!!!!!
    And the candelabra...
    and the bird...
    and the
    and the
    and the...

    Ah...loveliness!!! Killer wine bar too... whatcha' got in there? LOLOL

    Seriously - love it all! And your tree? I'm swoonin'....

    ;-) Robelyn

  8. Angelique, this is so beautiful and inspiring. I love the sentiment that goes with it. Everything looks lovely, and now I have to go find my packages of snow, that accidently were packed away.
    hugs and blessings,

  9. I love all your snow - inside and out ! We have a ton of snow right now..just outside :o)

  10. I love it, and you have a "theme". You are so much better than me. I still don't have my tree up or my porch done. And the day is fast approaching.

  11. Your decorations are AWESOME!!

    Love to you,

  12. LOVE you decor! Just beautiful! Happy Holidays to you!!

  13. I am seeing beauty everywhere! I am liking your reindeer collection, as well as your pretty white birds. It all looks wonderful! ~Mindy

  14. Love your dining room! Sounds like today was a good day for you. Love, Hugs and Prayers.

  15. It all looks beautiful and festive. I think I need to ask Santy to bring you a case of spray paint...heck, I think I'll tell him to give me one too!

  16. It's beautiful! I love that you can leave it up longer then just the holidays too since it is snow themed!


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