Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We Did the Mash.....

I know that I'm late with posting
my Monster Movie Bash
but I had some family obligations that had to come first.

(Get well Thomas....luv ya.)

Now on to the good stuff.....
Let's start with the house.
The theme this year was
Haunted Mansion.
Old and creepy....
just enough to give you the heeby jeebies.

Every old mansion has a family cemetery...
ours was no exception.
Everyone's here...even the family dog.

Mr. M said we'd be together forever.....
I guess he really meant it.

A distant cousin....
You know the kind who always seem
to "pop" up in photos making bunny ears?

Meet the family.........
In the middle is Madame Alida...fortuneteller supreme.

Sir Alexander
Head Zombie and guardian of the mansion.

Terrible Taylor....
died in a horrible accident.
Now pulls her wagon behind her
looking for playmates.
(really creeped the guests out...)

our closet skeleton
(cuz everyone has at least one...)

Vampire vixen.
Seduces all of her meals.

Little Toriana...
Morgana's baby sister
fresh from a snack.

our wandering hippie that stumbled into the mansion
in 1968.
She decided to stay and we let her...
she keeps us supplied with organic blood.
(It's good for the environment.)

Father Jenkins...
Arrived in 1936 to exorcise the mansion.
He wasn't successful.

The Sacrifice......
This is my twin sis Misty.
She was getting on my nerves...so she had to die.
(all makeup was done by her...kuddos...she does fantastic work.)

The Mr. and Mrs.
and owners of the mansion.
Mr. M keeps the grounds and our plots
well groomed.

Newlywed and Dead....
(Mr. M's  black eye looked soooooo real
I actually thought he had hurt himself.)

The guests were treated to a lavish spread to include....

Mice under glass

vintage elixirs

Aresenic apples, candy and cookies to fatten little children

(To the left are demon knuckles...extra spicy)

Bloody popcorn in a blood smeared bowl

Pus pockets....mmmmmmmmm

A crowd favorite...

Serving ware...slightly used.

It only makes them think they are safe...

a watchful crow to guard the delicacies...

Ghosts were spotted throughout the house.

We monster mashed....and mashed...and mashed...

Until the wee hours of the night.


  1. What a party!! Looks like you had a great time. I loved all the decorations!!!

  2. Wow!!! You went all out and it looked like tons of fun and oh soooooooooooooooo spookie.
    Love it.

  3. You sure do know how to celebrate Halloween! What great photos, everyone looked fabulous! I love the cemetary, can I come to your house next year?!

  4. You are someone who knows how to celebrate and have fun, love the costumes. I think Taylor would be the one to creep me out too, love the story line.


  5. Ok. I like your family. Organic blood had me laughing. Looks like the mash was a blast! Great layout. ~Mindy

  6. Girl, you really know how to do it up! Everyone looked fabulous! what WAS in that POPCORN? Thanks for letting us in on all your MADNESS!!!! te he!

  7. What a fabulous looking bash! You guys are a riot, and I LOVE your costumes! Very, very impressive! I'm sure it was justified with your sister...you know how annoying family can get!


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