Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Big Sister....Little Sister

This is my sister and I
(Christmas circa 1977)

As you can see, we were
pretty much stuck to each other
(and always looking for a photo op.)

As we grew older
our interests have grown and changed as
we discovered that we did not have to wear
the same clothes and have matching hairstyles.
(who came up with that whole "twins have to match" thing anyway?)

My sister is definitely my other half.
As I am somewhat creative, she is crazy creative.
She is an amazing artist
(I can barely write yet alone draw)
and she has this incredible eye for style.

I've been asking
(hounding is more like it)
my sister to start her own blog
and share her talent with the rest of ya'll
out here in blogland.

Well, today she finally caved in.


without further adieu......
I present my little sister,
my other embryo.....

She's already posted three posts in one day
as she is insane
(or hopped up on Starbucks...i dunno.)

Please stop by and show her some bloggy love.
I think ya'll will like her...alot.
I'm kinda partial....since we shared a womb and all.

She will definitely have you laughing.

P.S. ....
If she's not using her best manners let me know.....
(cuz I'm gonna tell Mama.)


  1. I'm heading over to meet your sister...

  2. How wonderful! I'll just pop on over there!!

    :) T

  3. I am laughing, and will for sure send my sister and and to your sisters blog. We too are identical twins, but we blog together (even though we live far apart). It looks like was are about the same age too!!! So glad that Fiona & Twig led me here!
    Teri (the big sister of 2sisters2gether)


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