Friday, August 14, 2009's an illness

I'm writing you today from my deathbed.
At least I feel like I'm dying.

I know that I should be resting and pushing lots of fluids but, you see, I suffer from a greater illness.

One that goes way beyond my 102.5 fever with very sore throat and stuffy nose.

My love for topography. I hope I spelled that right. If not, blame the drugs. I have had this love affair with topography for as long as I could remember. Long before Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs made it popular. My father had a wooden print block that sat on his bookshelf in his apartment. I loved the way it looked sitting there all by itself. It just spoke to me.

So began my lifelong love.

While others consider it the newest trend, I consider it art.
I thought that I would take a moment and show you some of the topography ...err art that resides in my home.

P.S. Sorry for the pics. It's hard to take good shots when you're hopped up on NyQuil.

This is a basket that sits at my hearth in the living room. I found the number at GW and simply bolted it to the basket that holds some extra letters that I own.

This is the wall above my couch. I found the letters on the side of the road in a ditch on an old taco restaurant sign. My husband said they had been there for years so I didn't feel bad about taking them. Mr. M had to pry them off with a crowbar.
(Forgive the really sad sheetrock job. It was like that when we bought the house and is on the list of re-do's.)

This is another view of the wall. I have a few more smaller numbers that I need to place on the wall directly above the couch.
I do have a question for you all in blog land.
Do you see that little wall with the vent?
I'm debating if I should place topography there as well or leave it be?
I'll go with the highest vote.
Thanks ladies for your input.
Sorry this post is short.
I feel the need to go and drink some more Theraflu. (sniff....sniff)

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