Wednesday, August 12, 2009

People, a little conformity please...

"Conformity is the process by which an individual's attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors are influenced by other people. This influence occurs in both small groups and society as a whole, and it may be the result of subtle unconscious influences, or direct and overt social pressure. " From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


This is the front of my house. It's a very quaint house with it's tin roof and matching shutters. The house is very true to its humble 1951 beginnings.

And then you notice it......

Do you see it?

That horrible aluminum screen door thingy that totally throws off the whole look.

I can appreciate a girl standing out in society, since I just happen to be one of those girls but this is a little extreme so she had to go.

There. Much better.

I went searching for a new screen door (on the cheap, of course).

I found this poor lady sitting by herself in Lowe's

(my other secret affair..I'm quite the trollop these days.)

She was apparently kicked out of her social circle by the other screen doors

(which were priced at 134.00 by the way.)

I pulled her out of her hiding spot to check her out since she was still covered in her finest plastic and all.

She was being sold for $20.00!!!!!!!

With that being said, I picked her up and brought her home.

She's really brand new with no scratches or dings or anything.

She just needed a door handle.

Mr. M was more than happy to add her to the family and now my house (and my door can conform (just a little) to society.


  1. lol!! I can sooooo relate!! Early Spring we decided it was time to purchase a new front door--it was really hard because our front door was the original door to our home built early 1930's. I told my husband I would like a screen door also as he was heading to Lowe's/Home Depot, can't remember which--then suddenly I ran out the door and yelled, "Keith, not one of those screen doors that you find on the door of a trailer". He just rolled his eyes assuring me he had no intention of that style. Well I got my 'screen' door full glass that comes out to put in the full piece of screen...that cost almost as much as our new front door! Seriously, I think I like the trailer screen door thought. lol

    What a difference the new screen door makes on your home tho, gorgeous!!!

  2. The new screen door is so charming. Your blog is adorable. I absolutely love the dog bed you did that was sooooo clever! Thanks for visiting my blog. It is so exciting to meet new blog friends!!!! I will stop back soon. Take care!

  3. You know she was hiding just waiting for you to take her home...she knows a good thing when she sees it!

  4. Oh I so hope I can find one like that one day...great steal!!!

  5. What a difference! She's gorgeous. ;) Visiting from Kimba's party. :)

  6. What a great, easy way to beautify your house a little! And for $20! Nice!

  7. She's so cute! We are getting a Lowe's here's being built...and I can't wait!!

  8. OMG!! We need new screen doors so badly. If I could find one like that at Lowe's for $20, you bet yer behind I'd be dancing to the register with it! I love it.

  9. $20!!!! Man, what a steal. She is a GREAT choice for your front door. Really dresses up the place.


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