Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help for Hire

Hello everyone in blogland!!!!!

See my sign?
The red one with the big white letters?
That's the one.

It's for me.
I know that I was bummed out about my job
but I thought about the positive.
I'm available for hire.
No....not as a nurse
but as an apprentice.
Slave labor....
okay,maybe not slaaaavvvee labor
but free assistance.

My number one goal is to
be a vendor at Warrenton in the fall.
I've got the stuff and the vision.
What I don't have is the experience.

So, since I'm a lady of leisure
that doesn't have to worry about vacation time
or sick days....
I thought that I could come and help
whoever would love to have some assistance
and see how things are behind the scenes.

I have my own camper and all of my amenities.
I can help with setting up, selling, and just my
general good company are available at your
beck and call.

If anyone would like an assistant
or "fetcher" or prn sales girl...
I'm your woman!!!!

Besides, who can resist a face like this??

(Don't answer that...)


  1. I can't resist the face!!! Girl - I want the tiara... are you going to wear that? Hmmm..... what fun things do I have for you to do....

    I'm putting on my thinking tiara...

    ;-) robelyn

  2. What a great idea!! Good Luck! ~ The tiara is a must I'm sure! Love it!!! Theresa

  3. Girl, if I was going, I would sure take you up on it:) I know it would be great! Have a blessed day and can't wait to see who grabs you. Hugs!

  4. That is a great idea! Get some experience, look and touch all the great stuff and meet some wonderful peeps. You go girl!


  5. I am sure you will get tons of offers!

  6. Well, if I had something to sell I'd hire you in a minute :) ~ you've got spunk!!!!!! I love your tiara! I'll bet somebody grabs you up in a second :) stay positive, God Bless & hugs!!

  7. You're a smart girl Angelique! Fabulous idea...I'm a big believer in admitting to one's own weaknesses and then seeking out the expertise of those who can help you improve in those areas! Good luck...anybody would be crazy not to take you up on your offer!!!

    :) T

  8. so cute! I think that's a pretty good offer! and you are right, who could resist that pretty face:)

  9. Yes! That's my girl...turning it into a positive! I think this is a fabulous idea! I can't wait to see who snatches you up first!


  10. What a sweet face! Good luck getting hired!


  11. Would love to hire you--sorry. Good luck and thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!

  12. We'd hire you in a hillbilly minuet cutie! We love your stuff. And Slave Labor????...I thought thats what Nursing was!!!!
    the Redneck Junkers

  13. You are right that is a sweet innocent face and I am sure someone will grab you up!!~

  14. You would be great at this - just go and be there and absorb it all! Have a great time! (I wish I could go too!) SHERRY

  15. You go girl!!!!!!!! Girls with tiaras get places!!!!

  16. did you find someone to work for/with?

    if we were doing the show, i would love to have you there, but we will be in canton ..

    i know someone who may need someone, but she would need them to actually 'run' the booth, while she shops and does other things ..

    let me know,

  17. wow! well....i am so fiercely incapable of asking for help that i have my one-woman show down to a fine science! however, i think if you have the goods and the time...and you do...you need to get your own space! the best way to learn is to jump in! the perfect part of this little game is that there simply is no right or wrong! really the only thing you need to know how to do is count money and i bet you're real good at that! just do it....

  18. Glad to see you've "gotten back on the horse"! Keep your head up!

  19. Hey girlie, the party starts at 6pm, it's on my sidebar if you need more info. You are welcome to stop by and chat about the shows. I don't know everything about selling at the shows but I've done it enough years that I've sure learned a thing or two along the way. Would love to have you there either way. Looking forward to it and I'm sure you'll do well in the Fall. So, just curious, why not start selling in the Spring, you have a month to prepare :)

  20. Who can resist that face? Certainly not me, I hope you figure something out :)

    I loved your list of faves, I have a party posting Thursday to link up your own list of faves if you're interested?

  21. Really good idea - go for it! Thanks for your kind comments over the last few weeks. We've just got back from visiting my parents and, once again, my mum feels so supported by the care and good wishes of bloggers she's enver met.

  22. i don't want to take valuable hiring space, but you ARE adorable!

  23. I still want the tiara.

    I just thought you should know that.
    ;-) robelyn

  24. Well, It is a small world. I was born and raised in Port Arthur, lived in Nederland for years, then Crystal Beach until I met Roy and we married in 2003 and I now live in Jewett.
    My other married name was Angelle, ex husband was an attorney. My borther and sister-in law live in Groves. We are planning a trip down to go to CPA soon and would love to meet you if you would like.

    Adding you to my list of Texas bloggers and hope you will come and visit me.


  25. Okay gal...you live not far from the Yaya? Call the store...might can help you out. Not doing Warrenton this year, but always need help in the store, and a show we have coming up! With my 30 years of experience and your cute face...I'm sure we can't go wrong! :) Call me...so...deb

  26. Love the pic girl.. keep your chin up.. we are the BEST breed! And as far as the witchy poo in my world.. used to be my best friend..but I guess the saying goes ...you can take a girl out of the gutter..but you cant take the gutter out of the girl.. such a sin.. she has you all fooled her in blog world!
    Hugs to you sweets!

  27. Way to accentuate the positive! - any leads yet?

  28. Good luck to you sweetie ~ I am sure it will happen for such a lovely lady! Thanks for the sweet comments & for stopping by my blog ~ I will be checking back with you soon to see how you do!


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