Friday, April 23, 2010

For the Love of Linens

I have a secret love that most people don't know about.

I am in love with vintage linens.

There is nothing that makes my heart skip faster...except rust.
The feel of vintage clothing and linens between my fingertips
is, in my mind, a fine walk between sensuality and nostalgia.

The colorful pattern of a tablecloth reminds me of my
childhood as I sat at my great-aunt's dining table in the summertime
while the simplicity of a thread bare nightgown intrigues my senses
of touch and sight as I wonder about its history.

No modern convenience will afford me the luxury
like vintage linens and clothing.
Its appeal simply cannot be reproduced.

I'm so glad that I am not the only one who shares in my admiration.
My dear friend, Leann of The Vintage Laundress,
has turned this passion into her specialty.
Her showing in Warrenton was stunning.
Her selection of vintage textiles was enough
to make any lover of linens swoon.

Leann's array of goods range from table linens
to vintage nightgowns with everything else in between.
There is surely something for everyone wanting a small piece
of luxury for themselves.

I know that many of us junkers are always on the search
for great pieces to add to our collections or to our home.

The next time you are on your quest for something that will
fill your home and possible your heart with sheer delight,
consider that stack of old linens and clothing.

There just might be the perfect jewel awaiting to be added to your crown of vintage royalty.


  1. What fantastic pictures!!! How dreamy.. You just made me sail away!!

  2. Hey girl!

    I love your new header! Yay!!! A surprise for moi!!! Can't wait!


  3. Okay.
    A. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new banner and look!!! It's SO you!!!

    B. I want the nightgown.

    Alright - that's all i've got. LOLOL I'm going back to drool over the linens... how did I miss these?

    ;-) robelyn

  4. You are the darlin'-est creature! I'm so glad I got to see you at the show! Thank yo for this post, too! I hope I get to flop my limbs around you and give a hug again soon -I hope you had a marvelous time!

    The Vintage Laundress

  5. Beautiful pictures, and words too! I have an ever-growing collection of vintage linens hanging on the hooks on the back of our bedroom door, and over the wardrobe - a French initialed nightgown, a lace parasol, two camisole tops and a full under-slip edged in lace. I wonder how many more I can sneak in before my husband justifiably complains?

  6. Very pretty! I found an olf vintage clothing shop on Thayer Street in Providence, RI...I just had to go in and touch everything....they had many things displayed with old shoes, hats, handbags, long opera gloves...SO BEAUTIFUL! My husband just asked "what's the fascination with old clothes" ~ MEN!!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you had a great day & hope that your new job is going well! God Bless!

  7. Wonderfully written!
    I'm finally going to make it to Round Top in the Fall, I'll be certain to check out Leann once I'm there. :-)


  8. I love your new Banner.... and I love love love linen. When I lived in England I had bought some lovely pieces of linen clothing. I wear them in the summer and then clean and wrap them up carefully for the next summer. Linen, Lace, shell or crystal buttons..oh so dreamy...and comfortable.

    Hugs and Smiles,


  9. I am in love with old linens too. You are so right that the feel and nostalgia of vintage linens cannot be duplicated.
    There is just something about the feel and the looks of vintage, a patina that is like no other.

    I'm going to check out her blog too.


  10. Linens are one of my weaknesses too, just yesterday I found 3 vintage cotton sheets, you know the kind that have a good thickness to them. Ohhhh I love them. Your photos are gorgeous, Theresa

  11. Popping in from Anne' is very lovely here. I have wonderful reading for the weekend now, thank you!!

  12. The pictures are so beautiful, love the header and I love old linens too. I am always buying, hankies, anything with lace and aprons too. Table linens are my favorite:) Have a blessed day Angelique! HUGS!

  13. Love at first site! I just popped over from Anne's Fiona&Twig, and I took a sec to add your blog to my blogroll before leaving you a comment.
    Your blog is gorgeous & I look forward to visiting often! Vintage linens - heavenly!
    Happy weekend,

  14. I found you thru Fiona and glad I did. Love the look of your blog, and love linen too. I wear quite a lot of it in AZ.....the only trouble is I always look like a rumpled sheet because it creases so. Oh well......can't have everything. LOL



  15. A lovely blog and a great post. i heartily agree with you about vintage linens. Don't own too many, they can be pricey but I surely covet!!

  16. Me too! I love vintage linens. There is just something about them so wonderful ~ so full of history of days gone by...I love the quality too. It's just so hard to find anything new that isn't mass produced. I'll take vintage everything over new anything! Gorgeous pictures btw!!!


  17. Oh, I share the same love of vintage linens! I just gravitate to them whenever I am out junkin'. Your post and photos here are absolutely divine! Thank you for sharing. ~ Angela


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