Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Zero is My Hero!

Do you see the little girl on the far right?

The one that's approximately two inches shorter than
everyone else on her basketball team?

The one who is staring off into space and could care less?

That's my Tori.

She started playing basketball a few weeks ago
and she was assigned the jersey number...

Tori was a little hurt by this
but my sister told her that
"zero is before the number one."

That made Tori smile
and she's been rocking her number ever since.

She will probably never be MVP or an all star
but Tori gives it her all.
She puts out 100 percent all the time.
She never lets her height slow her down.

Last Saturday Tori was running a new play
that they had learned just a few days prior.
This play involves Tori running in and making the basket.

I cringe everytime it's her turn because
she normally misses the basket.
This time, Tori set up her shot
and nailed it!!!
Nothin' but net baby!!!!

I was soooo excited that I jumped up
and started screaming.

The whole gym was chanting her name.
Tori! Tori! Tori!

My number zero just took it in stride,
skipped down the court,
and stopped for a photo op.

Tori has taught me so much in these last few weeks.
She's taught me to press on despite
my physical shortcomings.

I am so proud of my zero.
She is my new hero.


  1. TORI!!!!! I love my number zero!! That's right baby rock your number with pride because zero comes BEFORE the number one!!!

  2. Well, congrarulations to Tori onher big basket, I know you must have been so proud!!!!

  3. Often the tiny baby has the loudest roar! Go Tori! ~ Angela

  4. What a cutie pie! And what a great story - definitely a memory to hold close! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and good luck in my giveaway!

    Kathy - SylviasVintageDaughter

  5. ok...I just love this! She rocks! And you just tell her about me being 5' nothing and blah blah blah! Height doesn't mean a thing. Go, Miss Zero! ~Mindy

  6. Hey girl, she is adorable.....I hope you are feeling better. I am still praying for you and can't wait to see you in the Spring. Lauri@chippys

  7. Yay Tori!!! I was the opposite, I was the klutzy kid always drafted on the team (usually against my will) 'cos I was taaaaalll. Trust me, tall and unco-ordinated WILL NOT beat Spunky's like Tori!!! Go Tori!!!

  8. Zero to sixty...just like that! Way to go baby girl!

  9. Tori, you remind me of my daughter..she went on to play high school varsity! Good things come in small packages and remember to keep smiling..big!


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