Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lil 'Ol Blue Haired Lady

Since my 3_th birthday is fast approaching
(and I mean fassst...)
I thought that I would treat myself to a new me
with another new 'do.

I'm starting to feel like a lil 'ol lady with my cane and all.
The Divine Mr. M told me
that we HAAAAAD
to "pimp out my cane"
because I looked like a grandma
using my mama's
"backup" cane.
(That's what she calls it...I just work here.)

So I thought I'd add blue hair to match.
Do not adjust your hair is blue...
electric blue highlights that is.
I'm not THAAAAT old yet.

I thought I'd "hawk" it on top for fun.
(By the teenage son and neices thought my hair was cool.)
(Don't let them know I told you...they'd probably die...right there on the spot.)

Whatcha think for a lil 'ol blue haired lady?


  1. are rockin that new do! That is HOT! You look so young! Next time I call you I better here Michael Jackson's PYT playing on that phone! Cause that's what you are!

  2. Funny post, but you do NOT look like a lil' ole lady!! Farm from it! Cute as can be and you totally rock your new do. Especially like the second photo. And what - 31? You don't even look that!!! Take care ~ Angela

  3. *insert wolf whistle* I love it!! Love the blue highlights too! In a previous life I once did a hairdressing pre-apprenticeship course, spent the whole time putting coloured streaks in, cutting it shorter and shorter and generally faffing about with my hair. I am boring old brunette at the moment, but when I can afford the upkeep, going back to blonde - maybe I'll take your inspiration and play with some colour first!

  4. I Love it. See I told ppl on my blog you rock the coolest cuts.

  5. You look so cute!!! I love the blue. Now I need to check out Misty's 'do!
    Y'all are quite the pair!
    Love ya, or as your sweet sis says, LYLAS!

  6. You are the cutest blue haired lady:) Hip for sure! Have a blessed day!

  7. Just as long as you're not from Pasadena! (You're not old enough to remember that song!!!) Looking good, darlin', looking good.
    P.S. (Is the haircoloring courtesy of the enemy 'cause I'm hoping HERS falls out!?!?!)

  8. coooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!! HA your hair matches your cane!!! hey email the pic

  9. You are totally fabulous! I LOVE it!!

    I have platinum hair and did hot pink tips in it for the summer and it was fun!!

    Happy Friday Sweet One!

  10. I like the blue. You still look very young, so it is easy for you to pull off.

  11. LOVE IT!!, but I really think you should do red and green next week, just to stay in the Christmas Spirit!! You look great, love the spike-y chicken hair at the top!

  12. I like! I like! Congrats on your cool new do and on your upcoming bday!

  13. I like the new "do". You look like you are ready for a party!

  14. LOL Pimp that cane gurl-friend! We can add some sparkles, some fur, some....... well, all kinds of stuff!!! Duct tape perhaps? hee-hee

    I LOVE your new "do"!!! Blue hair - HA! That's too fun!!!

    Have a great evening!!!
    ;-) Robelyn

  15. I too think it's KEWL!!! If I was in your age bracket, I'd highlight mine PINK! Now I'm just concerned about covering up that GRAY, LOL!!


  16. Love your style! You are one of the most beautiful blue-haired ladies that I have seen!


  17. While shopping yesterday I came across and entire display of pocketwatches (albeit new ones) and it made me think of you so I popped in this morning to see how you are doing. I am glad to read that you are keeping your spirits up. As the for the stupid hairdresser....well I am much older that you and one thing I have learned in these many years is that what goes around comes around. It has kept from from ripping off a manay heads over the years. I'll be keeping tabs on you......

  18. Come see me! You won this week's Giveaway!



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