Friday, November 20, 2009

O Holy Night

Meet the singing sisters.....
Mary Francis to the left
and Mary Agnes on the right.
These ladies are 40 years old and looking good!!!
I found them on an antique hunt one day
still in their box in pristine condition.
They were just tooo cute!!!!
They have lovingly sat in my storage house until the other night.
I was talking with Adrienne of The Flying Bee
when I noticed there was a slew of paper in my yard.
"What the....?"
I walked over to the paper and IMMEDIATELY recognized it
as the divine box that held the sisters.
That could only mean one thing.....

the sisters were originally a trio
and now they must sing acapella because....

Sister Mary Catherine was beheaded by
a forty pound boxer by the name of Tank.

Apparently, the box fell into the yard
when Mr. M was bringing in some vintage
christmas items.

Such a travesty.....

Sister Mary Francis suffered minimal damage
with a few scrapes and a tooth mark....

and Sister Mary Agnes
just continues to praise the Lord
with much ferver despite her scars.....
God Bless Her!!!!

These ladies have suffered enough
and are looking to take their show
on the road via my etsy shop next week.

I hope someone can find it in their hearts to open
up their home to some bewildered sisters
who are just too cute for words.....

P.S. ....Is there a special place in hell for dogs who eat nuns????


  1. Bad doggie, bad doggie! Poor sisters, but I'm sure he has been forgiven. Maybe someone will take them in and tag your story that is told ever so sweetly.

  2. How precius thy are, so glad they weren't damaged further. Have a great weeknd.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Oh Tank...what have you done?! Shame, but they are so special...I'm glad two survied, I will say a prayer for poor Sister Mary Catherine.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Bad Tank!!!! BAd Tank!!!!! I love the nuns though!!! Too cute- even with their devistation

  5. Nope...dogs are always forgiven their transgressions 'cause they are so darn cute.
    This was absolute nunsense, but I loved it!

  6. You are too funny! Love your post today!

  7. I am screaming laughing over here girl!!!! I love this post and it was so funny to witness the destruction first hand, sort of! Naughty doggie! I hope the nuns find a good home. Don't forget to look me up this weekend girl!


  8. dogs who eat nuns ... sounds like a tobe hooper or jess franco movie -

    they are wonderful though - i would be tempted to hang onto her and even though she has no head - keep her with her sisters - will always be a conversation piece -



  9. Oh no! Poor sisters! Shame on Tank!

  10. I'm sorry, this is just too funny. just as I was reading this I had to go slap a cat for biting my jacquard sofa! What is it with animals? Have they no shame, Please keep baby Jesus and the manger away from Tank this Christmas. That might just be too much for God to put up with! ha ha!

  11. OH NO!! I know how something like that can happen.... I have a 90lb weimaraner... enough said! LOL But they were *adorable*!


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