Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby Steps....sigh

I can't begin to tell ya'll the way my heart feels right now.
I  can feel the fluttering in my stomach even as we speak.
From this day forward, my life will never be the same
as Mr. M and I embark on a new journey together.

Mr. M keeps assuring me everything will be okay.
I am so nervous that I can barely breathe.

I already know where your mind is going........
You might as well turn it around and drive it down  another road.

The Divine Mr. M has finally convinced me
to open my own business and peddle my wares.
 I will not be in a brick and mortar (yet)
but I will starting taking my junk....errrrr....antiques
to shows, including Warrenton in the fall
and will be opening my Etsy shop next month.

Mr. M is my greatest fan and my biggest supporter.
He doesn't believe there is nothing that I can't do and I love him for that.
After all, he's the one who told me to start my own blog.
I have to say that it has truly changed my life.

I would have never believed that I would meet so many
amazing and talented women.
I would have never dreamt that in two months,
I would have almost a hundred followers
and over 17,000 visitors to see what I have to say
and that this tiny blog in blogland would lead me to one of my greatest passions
(besides Mr. M. )

I can only hope and pray that the love that ya'll have shown me
will continue to flow with my new endeavor.
Mr. M is out right now, even as I type, buying me a travel trailer
so that I can have somewhere to lay my head while on the road.
  (see why I love him so.)

He has this crazy faith in us ....
I'm just trying to take baby steps as I spread my wings and fly
without divebombing to my death.

So, please be on the lookout for "Six-n-One"
my new store.
And if you see my at a flea market
or antique show, please feel free to stop by
and offer me a paper bag to keep my
hyperventilating to a minimum.


  1. Congratulations on your new endeavor...I am so excited for you and I think it is SO wonderful to have such complete support from your husband.....I know you are going to be a huge success!!

  2. It's watching the child grow that will make you most proud. Congrats! And do keep Mr. M. He sounds as good for you as my David is for me! ~Mindy

  3. Just remember to breathe deep...and slowly!
    What a man...give him a big hug and kiss for me. Every girl deserves a cat daddy and you got one!

  4. Yay!!! I am the first! Well, let me be the first to say Congratulations on this new journey!!! I am so happy for you, girl! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You are going to do great things! What a blessing to have Mr. M in your corner supporting you the whole way! I am excited that you will be in Warrenton in the know I will be there at your booth, checking out all your great finds and creations! I wish you much success!

    Big Hugs,
    Adrienne aka your junkin' twin!

  5. Congratulations and how awesome that your husband is so encouraging and supportive! I wish you the best and I'm off now to check out your site!

  6. Congratulations!! What an awesome supporter you have!!! I can't wait to see what you have "in store" !!!!!

  7. Good for you!!! Doing the spazzy dance for you over here! See??? We'll both be in Warrenton as dealers now, ain't life just grand? I can't wait to meet you and see what cool wares you'll be peddling. Hurry up and get that etsy shop going so I can buy something!

  8. Congratulations - You go girl!!! And good for Mr. M - my Hubbs is my biggest fan and supporter, too!

  9. Congrats to you on your new endeavor! Can't wait to see where you'll be or what you'll have. Any idea where you will be selling?


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