Friday, September 4, 2009

My New Hero!!!

Did you happen to notice my little blog button in the upper right hand corner???
(look to your look up...a little higher....see it?)
Tracey from True Beauty fixed this up for me!!!!
I am a HAPPY GURL!!!!
I used to think that Wonder Woman hung the moon.
Now Tracey sits in the stars!!!!!
Thank you sooooo much!!!!
There is a goodie basket being formed as I type!!!
Check out her blog button on the left and go see her blog.
You won't be disappointed.
Don't forget to share the madness and post my button!!!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I am going to click that butotn you have there and go for a visit girl!! Have a blessed weekend, Janna

  2. I'm glad it worked for you! Thanks for the shout out...Have a great Labor Day!


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